Hmmm – Two More Games at OG? Or Three More (Thursday) Games at Sticks? Decisions, Decisions!

I just checked the rules on the Sporcle Live page regarding bars/restaurants that start offering trivia shows “mid season.” It states that teams that are in the top spot at the end of the season will be crowned “venue champion” and has first-day pick on RSVPing for semifinals.

But…the mid-season spot must have had at least eight games. If not – then your team must also must have played eight times at “any one trivia spot.” If your “new” bar hasn’t done at least eight trivia nights, that means you need to have played at least eight times at… some other bar. A bar we recently started playing on Monday nights will only have seven trivia nights at the end of the season (if games are NOT canceled for Memorial Day). IF this means those eight games have to be at the SAME spot,  I have two choices:

  • Play at least two more games at Original Gravity (we’ve played there six times this season)
  • Play at least three more Thursday games at Sticks (we’ve played there five times this season)

I have e-mailed the league to ask for clarification. I’m prepared to jump through whatever hoops are necessary. It would almost make up for having qualified for finals almost by “accident” last season.

The Thursday “theme nights” at Haymaker have…complicated things a bit! Those games are at 7 p.m., so I can’t play the theme nights – and also at OG (those games are at 7:30).  Yet I CAN do the theme nights at Haymaker AND play the Sticks games when the Haymaker games are done. This means doing a “double header,” essentially.

So what should I choose? It was really a tough call! I thought about doing just two more games at OG, since we’ve already played there six times. But if I play Thursday, May 30 at OG, I won’t be able to also play the ’80s music theme night at Haymaker (which is also May 30). Kim invited me out for that, and I’ve already RSVPd for that – and given a choice between blowing off Kim – and playing at OG? Kim – you win!

Yeah…I’ll play three more Thursdays at Sticks! What can I say? Once a Girl Scout – always a Girl Scout! I wouldn’t be fulfilling my Girl Scout promise if I let down a fellow Girl Scout (Kim is not only a former Girl Scout – but also a Girl Scout leader).

If I hear back from Sporcle that it’s NOT necessary to play eight games at any one spot? Then we’ll be all set!


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