Trivia Recap – May 7, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

A classic case of flip-flopped final question wagers kept us from making too much noise in Monday’s game at Sticks. We wagered it all on a “flags” final question that we missed – and wagered nothing on a “Grammy Awards” final that we knew! We still won a $15/first place gift card in game two – and were the only team getting the Grammy final correct. Had the category been labeled as “soundtracks,” we might have wagered more confidently, but were a little gun-shy about wagering on…(ugh) Grammy Awards (which I call “Grammies”). “Grammys” just LOOKS wrong to me. Same with “Emmys” – it just LOOKS wrong!

Special thanks to Mike for writing down the game questions for me! He really tries writing them in their entirety word-for-word (that’s SO cute)! About those questions…

Game One

1. Basketball Players – In 2008, ESPN published its ist of the 23 greatest players inc ollege basketball. Who was the only University of North Carolina alumnus on the list, who later won six NBA titles in the 1990s? Miss for 2.

2. Stamps – In 1999, the USPS recalled and destroyed 100 million stamps because the caption on them said that what 277-mile long Arizona landmark was located in Colorado? 10

3. Doctors – Gregory is the first name of the title character on what TV series that aired from 2004 to 2012? 9

4. Authors – Keep it Simple, Stupid: You’re Smarter Than You look is one of seven books written by what woman – a retired family court judge? 8

5. Inventions – Introduced in 1946, the Radarange was  the first commercially available model of what appliance that is now commonplace in homes? 7

This made me think of the Futurama episode where they go back in time to the 1940s and have to get one of these things. Leela (who just wasn’t having the whole 1940s vibe) gets SO incensed at the appliance salesman (and later sets Farnsworth’s tie on fire when he says Leela doesn’t cook enough roasts):


6. World Leaders – Name either of the two countries that use “sultan” for heads of state? Name both for a bonus point. Got one, not both for 6.

7. Song Lyrics – Name two of the four cities named in the lyrics to God Bless the  USA by Lee Greenwood. Got it, but only confident enough for 1.

8. Art – In the art world, what is a “provenance?” A – An art movement, B – History of a piece of art’s ownership, C – Original artist of a piece of art, or D – Value of a piece of art? 3

9. Food – What bean, also known as a “butter bean,” “sieva bean,” or “Madagascar bean,” is toxic to humans if eaten raw? 4.

10. Same Name – What 2006 animated film shares its title with the two-word term used for the time of year when it is legal to hunt or catch game or fish? 5

Mystery – National Beverage Day! Woot?

M1 -The word “beverage” comes from the Old French and has what meaning, translated in French as “boire” and in Spanish as “beber?”

M2 – Ohio is the only state that has tomato juice as its official state beverage. Name one of the other two juices that are official state beverages.

M3 – After Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Diet Coke, which is the third best-selling soda in the U.S.?

M4 – Author of The Sun Also Rises, which includes the line: “Caffeine puts a man on her horse and a woman in his grave.”

Five teams – Scores 46 57; 62/62 and 64. We were tied for second with 62 points.

Final Category – Flags

What color is found on 150 national flags, more than any other color?

Wagered 20 and missed. Had we been asked to name TWO of the top colors we would have aced this!

Three teams got this correct…no prizes for us this game!

Game Two

1. Patents – What man was the first to be granted a U.S. patent for a telephone? 5

2. Comics – What comic strip character was born in a fictional seaside town known as Sweetwater – or Sweethaven – depending on the source?

3. Borders – Other than France (which “owns” French Guiana and is located in South America – this clarification was NOT given in the game), how many countries -within two – border Brazil? We teamed up well on this one…I wrote down all of the countries for them, and let ’em figure out which ones got all touchy-feely with each other – got this for 6.

4. Cereal – Croonchy Stars was a cereal that featured what character from The Muppet Show on the box, describing the cereal as “cinnamonnamony?” 9

5. Stadiums – Which PAC 12 university has played its home football games at Folsom Field since 1924? Miss for 1.

6. Mistakes – In 1971, what U.S. VP shanked two golf shots into a gallery at a Palm Springs golf course, hitting three separate people? FB clue, 8.

7. New Music – Audio clue of song with the lyrics:

I know that I’m a handful baby, uh
I know I never think before I jump
And you’re the kind of guy the ladies want
(And there’s a lot of cool chicks out there)

Dave was our “default” new music guy, he got this correct (but for only 2).

8. Movie Couples – Name either the actor portraying Ichabod Crane – or the actress portraying Katrina Van Tassel in the 1999 movie Sleepy Hollow. Name both people for a bonus point. Got this for 7 plus the bonus.

9. Games – The drawings for the Mega Millions Lottery game are held in the capital and most populous city of which U.S. state? 4

10. Scores – A FICO score, Vantage Score and CE Score are various methods of measuring what analysis of a person’s likelihood that they will pay their debts? 4

Visual Mystery –

visual56.jpegMissed #4.

Scores: Socratic Method, 38; Team 6, 41; Pees on Stick, 42; ??? 44; Unicorn Backpack, 47; ???, 50 and ‘Pods, 61.

Final Category – Grammy Awards

Dave wanted to go all in on this (sometimes he has a good “gut” instinct about these things).

Three movie soundtracks have been awarded the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Name two of those three films, which were released in the 1970s, 1990s, and 2000s.

Yup. I KNEW the first two albums (and even own the last album)! At a more competitive trivia spot, we’d have been spanked for wagering zero on this! But…we won first place (and were the only team getting this correct).

Until next time, which will be Thursday! After a few months of our “fly casual” trivia M.O., we’ll be starting to get a bit more “habitual” pretty soon (but not TOO habitual or we wouldn’t be the ‘Pods).  As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Spiro Agnew!


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