Tournament Bid For The Pods Next Season? (May 6, 2019)

We’re going to continue with Monday/Thursday trivia nights until the Sporcle Live season ends the week of Memorial Day (week of May 27). This means four more weeks of the new Monday trivia nights at Sticks (unless trivia is canceled for Memorial Day, which it probably will be if so, then three more weeks).

This coming Thursday, May 9 we plan to play at Sticks. My boss has asked me to work Friday, so I’ve in turn asked if I can come in an hour later. I’m 99 percent sure she’ll say “yes.”

Next week on Thursday (May 16), I plan to do a “girl date” and play the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme trivia night at Haymaker. The other female I’m playing with is a fellow Buffy fan, so I’m sure if nothing else we won’t “suck” too badly (see what I did there) Suck? Vampires (groan)?

Thursday, May 23 is a “wild card.” Unsure where we’ll play on that night  – or *if* we’ll play that night. It’s my dad’s birthday, I’ll try to push to do a lunch out with him that day so that the evening is free. My mom tends to hit the hay after Jeopardy! anyway, so lunch with my folks usually works better than dinner. I still have some prize money from OG, so I may try to hit up that scene at least once before the season is done. Last hurrah, ya know (more about that in a bit).

Sporcle Live will be on “bye” weeks the second and third weeks of June, which actually works great for me because inventory at work is scheduled during this time. It’s a time I hate almost as much as “Black Thursday/Black Friday” shenanigans.  Too far out to make trivia plans during those two weeks.

What? The ‘Pods Will be Qualifying For Tournaments Again?

And now for some BIG news. After having taken some time off from competitive trivia  for a few seasons now, the ‘Pods will again be vying for a tourney spot (in the Sporcle Live league) when the new season starts in June. For the past three years, it’s kind of become a “thing” for my team to play summer games at Original Gravity and try qualifying here. We won tournament spots in 2017 and 2018 by playing here during the summers, and it’s a favored spot among at least a couple of our players. Even the “other” guy who doesn’t really like trivia much at all kind of likes the “country” drive there! I certainly logged a lot of game hours playing here (in many, many solo games), and this is where I had my first “solo sweep” (two first place finishes playing by myself). That happened in September, 2017 and hasn’t happened since. I have a lot of mixed memories about this place (some fond memories – others not so fond). I trust that a couple of the “locals” anchoring their teams at this place will certainly help keep the trivia scene here thriving! It was always fun beating these two teams when the stars were right!

But…all good things must come to an end. After this season – the ‘Pods tournament run at OG is…fin. I just can’t pull off a 21-week season at this place – in the old format, we could play a 13-week season and win a venue tournament at the end. But I have serious doubts as to whether this is a “conquerable” spot for us anymore. I just can’t bring enough players on a consistent basis to a bar that’s 30 minutes away for a couple of us – and 45 minutes for another of our players (one of my players moved to Farmington Hills). Add to the mix a player who’s difficult to nail down for trivia nights because of his parental responsibilities and “all signs point to no.”

What would Sun Tzu say about this?

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

I’ll be focusing on keeping the trivia battles closer to home to see what kind of noise we can make while we attempt to kick *other* teams’ asses! We wouldn’t be the ‘Pods if we made things TOO easy for the other teams, would we? Also, we’ve been doing pub trivia more than SEVEN YEARS NOW! If we didn’t mix things up, we’d get as bored as octopuses in captivity (spoiler alert – they almost always try to escape their enclosures).

As always, please continue following my team’s trivial pursuits! I’ll still be posting recaps – and I’ll still be waging the trivia battles – and I’ll still be going to tournaments when I can!

The ‘Pods – like the dude – abide….


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