Can Anyone Ever Know Enough About Calvin Coolidge?

When you’re a “seasoned” trivia player, you might be able to rattle off a few random facts about most subjects that come up on trivia nights. Let’s say, for example, Kelsey Grammer:

“He was Frasier in Cheers and in Frasier, played the Beast in X-Men movies, and was the voice of Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons. Also probably an Emmy winner. Father of girl playing the daughter on Rick and Morty whose name currently escapes me (character name on show, also first name of that actress).”

How about…The Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise?

“Movies make a shit ton of money, first Avengers movie came out in 2012, recent Avengers movie busting box office records, three Iron Man movies, three Thor movies, two Ant Man movies, way too many Spider-Man movies with different actors playing Spider-Man, a couple of Hulk movies, a couple of Captain America movies…”

Forgive me! MCU is a pretty HUGE knowledge area! I haven’t even bothered seeing any of the MCU movies on the big screen since…Doctor Strange?

Now let’s try…Calvin Coolidge? Presidents is a trivia subject I’ll have to say I possess “above average” knowledge about. When my team gets final questions about presidents, we *usually* get them right. Here’s what I know about Calvin Coolidge without consulting the Google machine:


“Thirtieth president of U.S., Republican, was V.P. when Harding died and he took office, father was a notary public and swore him in, wife’s name was Grace, his nickname was “Silent Cal,” president who came after him was Herbert Hoover, born in Vermont (along with Chester A. Arthur).”

Well, according to Tuesday night’s final question? Just knowing these things about “Silent Cal” might not have made enough “noise” to get the final right:

Only one former governor of Massachusetts has also been president of the United States, and he did not initially become president by being elected to the office. Name that former governor of Massachusetts and U.S. president.

Had my team been in contention on this question, I would have listed every single U.S. president who became president because of a president dying in office. Let’s see how I do here:

John Tyler (took over for William Harrison), Millard Fillmore (took over for Zachary Taylor), Andrew Johnson (took over for Lincoln), Chester Arthur (took over for James Garfield), Teddy Roosevelt (took over for William McKinley), Calvin Coolidge (took over for Warren Harding), Harry Truman (took over for FDR), Lyndon Johnson (took over for FDR). I’d probably also list Gerald Ford, who took over when Nixon resigned (and eliminated him immediately). Perhaps, through process of elimination, I might have come up with the right answer for this one. It’s really hard to tell…

Guess it wouldn’t hurt to look at the past jobs of former presidents, would it? Let’s see, Thomas Jefferson, plantation owner/pimp (JK, JK)!


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