Heavy Lifting Not Just For The Gym – But Sometimes Happens on Trivia Nights, Too!

Success on trivia nights is usually – unless you’re super awesome at it by yourself – a “team effort.” As for me, I would NOT describe my trivia skills as “awesome,” but more along the lines of… “above average.” I’ve held my own in countless pub trivia games when playing solo, and on a couple of occasions, won first by myself in MTL games (once at the very competitive Maplewood Lanes in Saline) – and a double first place prize once in a Sporcle Live game at Original Gravity in September, 2017. So…I’m “smarter than the average bear,” I guess you could say!

I have some very good “supporting cast members” on my trivia team. My husband Mike – whom is my primary trivia partner – backs me up on multiple occasions, but I would say he is more valuable in MTL games than Sporcle games. MTL games are a bit more “general knowledge” based than pop culture based, and he is a bit stronger in the MTL format. Brad is also a great supporting player, and like Mike – is a bit stronger in the MTL games. Dave and Evan round out the “supporting cast,” but are most valuable in the Sporcle Live games (they’re both strongest with the pop culture trivia, and Evan has proven himself to be more than capable of a “sports guy,” which is a VERY valuable spot on any trivia team)!


If you’re old enough to get this pop culture reference, you’ll probably do fine in a MTL game! But how much do you know about Buster Brown? 🙂

For a few months during 2016, I played as a “duo” once a week with a friend’s wife, and she and I did…OK together – but not great. I even asked her husband before we started playing the games: “Am I going to have to be doing most of the heavy lifting on the trivia nights?” He basically said “Yes.” And indeed, I did – though she did come up with some great knowledge gems (like knowing the name of Hester Prynne’s baby from The Scarlet Letter). In turn, I got to teach her about Fotomats (she’s about 10 years younger than I am). We only managed to win prizes as a duo once during those few months, but when I added another woman player to the mix, we won a first place prize! It was a fairly competitive trivia spot, with lots of good teams in the mix. Clearly Angie and I were outnumbered – and outclassed at this bar.

Don’t get me wrong – those trivia nights were fun – even if not very “productive” in terms of prizes! I don’t hang out with other women very much, so those chances to have “girl talk” were kind of nice! I don’t get to talk about hot actors with “the guys.” Unless Joel is there (LOL)! And sometimes we’d get pretty…crude. She referred to our trivia nights as “lady dates,” and I’m sure it was good for her to get out for a couple of hours! Now that she has a different job and more responsibilities as a parent, we don’t play together weekly anymore – though I do try to do “all women’s” trivia games 2-3 times a year!

I’m not gonna lie – I was starting to get a little “hungry” for trivia prizes during this time! I began checking out Powell’s Pub (less competitive a spot than the trivia place I played with Angie) for some games fairly regularly in May, 2016 and results were pretty good! Sometimes Mike would join me, sometimes I’d play by myself – but overall, those trivia nights weren’t “prizeless.”

On April 20, I’ll be sitting in with a completely different set of players, whom will be playing a MTL semifinals game for the first time after several years of playing together. If they are among the top finishing teams, they’ll advance to the MTL finals the following week. Though I don’t know a whole lot about the other players, I have kind of…figured out – that I’ll most likely be doing a good deal of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to answering questions! Because one of their strongest players won’t be able to join them, they’ll be handicapped even more.

I hear that on a recent trivia outing, two of their players only managed to score 32 points during a full six-round game (out of a maximum of 76 points). True, the host has told me that the question set was “difficult,” but this is one of several reasons I believe that these other players will be leaning on me when I go to help them out. Overall, my team’s average score in MTL regular season games is about 56 points. My only hope is that I don’t disappoint them too much! I’d love to bring along at least one other player from my team, but it’s not my call to make. I don’t think I’ll be able to perform any miracles – and my presence alone may not (and probably will not) be enough to help them advance to finals. But I’m still thankful for the opportunity! I’m fairly certain this will be a fun group to play with – if nothing else!

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