Fitness Update – March, 2019

At the beginning of 2019, I made a “resolution” to take regular walks, with an attempt to “average” at least 30 minutes of walking time per day. I’m still sticking to it, despite some “setbacks” that happened during the horrible, horrible month of March (so, go glad it’s almost over). Within the past week alone, I’ve managed to make up for having been sidelined during the prior week (recovering from a mild injury).

I didn’t log as much walking time in March as I did in February – so far, my walking time for March is 900 minutes compared to 1,156 minutes in February (which is not surprising considering those few days last week I spent recovering). Believe me…I would have much rather have been out taking walks than lounging on the couch as much as I was! Couch surfing DOES lose its charm after a spell! On the up side, I did go out for a nearly six mile hike on Saturday, March 16. It took 2.5 hours to complete, but weather was chilly, and trail conditions were icy/snowy/muddy. We also took a nearly four-mile hike on Saturday, March 9. I want to incorporate more “hills” into our walks, even if just on weekends.


An icy pond along the hiking trail at Brighton State Recreation Area.

Now that I’m 99.9 percent healed and weather is starting to be a bit more cooperative, I’m sure I’ll be out making up for lost time in April! During the past week alone, my husband and I were out for walks on four consecutive days. The walks are as good for him as they are for me, though sometimes his arthritis symptoms do make his joints a bit stiff, and we have to stop briefly so he can stretch out a bit. It’s a far cry from him being so sidelined with gout attacks a few years that he was forced to use crutches! I couldn’t be happier that he’s not only out walking with me – but keeping up with my quick pace quite well!


My “walking partner” Mike at Ypsilanti’s North Bay Park. It’s a great park for seeing waterfowl, but I wouldn’t recommend eating any of the fish caught from Ford Lake! Number one, it’s generally not good to eat fish from a lake that sits next to a (now closed) automotive plant, and number two, there are numerous park signs stating “For God’s Sake Don’t Eat The Fish You Catch From This Lake” (paraphrased)!

I’ve had my own fitness setbacks over the past few years, too. For 2-3 years or so, I was grappling with stabbing heel pain that kept me from going out for as many walks as I wanted to do. I have not had that problem since the fall of 2015, when I bought a pair of Skechers shoes that my feet seemed to love – the heel pain virtually vanished! Now, I always make sure to keep good arch-supporting inserts inside my shoes. In addition to Skechers, I’ve also had good luck with the Adidas brand of shoes, too. I’m kind of sad that I can’t get Adidas shoes in my size from the store where I work (I get an employee discount), because I really like some of the styles in Adidas shoes. I may have to give Asics a try, because the selections of Skechers in my size are kind of…boring. Not only do I want my feet to feel good – I want them to LOOK good, too! Is that REALLY so much to ask? And because I’ll be going to a summer wedding in July, I’ll need sandals that let my feet breathe and also hide my ugly, ugly toes (that last line item is of the utmost importance). I may just wind up wearing my black Mary Janes with some foot liners… Oh the woes of having “plus sized” feet!


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