In Other News…I Played My Piano Today!

I had  to  work this morning. Sunday  shifts  always make me extra grumpy. And tired – since I never  seem  to  get  enough  sleep Saturday   nights  when  I work  Sundays, no  matter  how  early  I try  to  get  to  bed. Boo hoo, right?

It didn’t  help  that  multiple  things  at work exacerbated  my underlying  tiredness  and grumpiness.  Buggy software upgrades, other grumpy co-workers…having  an  old female coworker  I’ve  never  even  met mutter  angrily  at me because  she  didn’t  think  I was perky enough. Fuck perky! As a result, I felt  a little “stabby” on my ride home.  Listening  to  Depeche  Mode’s cover of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata helped  tame  my  emotional  beast  a bit.

Later in  the  afternoon, I played  my piano. First time I’d “really” played in a few years. What  did I play? Just some stuff  by ear – Strangelove by Depeche Mode, some showtunes, random melodies I made up on the fly. Didn’t  feel like digging  out any sheet music.

Yes  I’m  rusty, but  it still felt good. Need to do that more often! Music really does tame the beast  within…

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