What’s That Strange Yellow Thing Shining In The Sky?

There’s some kind of brightness outside – what madness is this? I am in absolute and utter shock, I’ll have to turn on the Weather Channel to see if there might be any explanation for this very odd weather phenomenon. In the meantime, I think I’ll stay indoors until I’m absolutely sure it’s safe to go outside….

PSYCHE! I’ll bet y’all knew I was just being sarcastic, didn’t you? I am absolutely OVERJOYED that the sun is f—ing shining! March, 2019 weather has largely been…disappointing for us folks in Southeast Michigan. Sure, the snow and wintry stuff has died down, but the overall weather scene in March has largely been “meh.”

My husband and I chatted with our friend Dave in the bar last night and we’re all looking forward to our cabin trip next month. Corn hole! Camp fires! Lake views! And possibly…kayaking! Unsure if I’ll actually get into a kayak or not (that depends upon how cold the water is -you always have to plan on getting a little wet on all boating adventures, and I’m not going to be venturing into chilly waters). Those “polar bear swims” (getting up at the ass crack of dawn and swimming in either a lake or pool while still in your PJs or in my case…a nightie) I had to do at summer camp gave me kind of a dread of chilly water. What kind of torture were those camp counselors trying to do, anyway? For more details about polar bear swims, read this blog.

In other news, my ankle is no longer swollen (though still a bit bruised), and I’m definitely feeling up for a walk today! I’ll want to keep hill climbing to a minimum since it’s still not fully healed, so I won’t be able to do a 5.5 mile hike in the woods like I did last weekend (in time I’ll do that hike again). I’m definitely geeked to be able to get outside and not have a grey sky overhead.

On the “culinary” front, Mike is getting chili ready to put in the slow cooker. Oh my how perky we both are this morning (we both got lots of sleep)! He’s become quite a good cook!

I hope other folks reading this get a chance to enjoy what appears to be a good weather day today! Over ‘n out…

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