(UPDATED)The U20 Guys Kicked Ass Today(Great Lakes Team)!

I’m watching results of the U20 15K race at the U.S. Cross Country Junior Nationals 2019. It’s almost…but not QUITE as mesmerizing as watching curling (LOL)! It looks like Reid Goble finished in fifth place! He skis on the same Great Lakes regional team as my niece, Anabel. He is a Petoskey, MI native and currently skis for the Michigan Tech ski team.


This is a photo of the Great Lakes team my brother took before the races began. All I know is my niece is sixth from the right and Mitchell DeLong is seventh from the right. I don’t know which ones are Reid Goble or Joshua Albrecht.

Teammate Mitchell DeLong (a Calumet, MI native) finished in ninth and another Great Lakes team member Joshua Albrecht (another Michigan Tech skier and Minnesota native) finished in 18th. View the results here.

It looks like team Great Lakes is being represented awesomely by the U20 guys! Go get ’em – make us Mitten Staters proud! Alaskans are favorites to take it all – but let’s see some Michigan skiers give them good chase if nothing else!

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