Some “Birthday Question” Spoilers…

Hey blog readers! I just completed the writing of 47 different trivia questions for my upcoming birthday (one for each year of my life) –  which will be released midnight February 11, 2019!

I really, really tried to make this a well-rounded set of trivia questions for all of you! Some topics include newspaper moguls, music, movies, words, cannibals, serial killers, strange deaths, populations, languages, stage names, choreographers, sports, the HBO series Deadwood, hit albums and…cars! In other words? A real “grab bag!” I have only included one question that is about…me! And the “me” question is probably a repeat. The other 46 are about the above listed topics and more!

I have also done 10 “before and after” mystery round questions and FOUR different final questions.

Sure enough, some of these questions won’t be easy to answer. Hell, I wouldn’t know the answers to some of these if I didn’t look them up. But I know a majority of the folks who stalk/visit this page don’t want it easy like Sunday morning – and that they will be up to the challenge. I believe in all of you!

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