Let’s Re-Visit the 1970s, Shall We?

I was only alive for about eight years during the decade of the 1970s, but some of those experiences will be forever etched in my brain! I learned to ride a bike (more about that in a bit), experimented with ballet and tap, tripped a bully in the school cafeteria after he made fun of me for having to stand in the corner, spent at least one day a week at the local roller rink and I quoted Mork and Mindy at Brownie meetings.  Let’s see, what else? The Bicentennial in 1976 inspired tacky red, white and blue fashions, Saturday Night Fever took the world by storm (and its tracks were played during a game of musical chairs at my sixth birthday party), Happy Days was THE show to watch (among many, many others) and last but not least –  those horrible, horrible fashions. I was still young enough for my mom to be picking out my clothes, as evidenced in the photo below – which is definitely a “picture is worth a thousand words” photo!


Me at about age 6 or 7 in my “disco queen” outfit – aka the forest green polyester “jumper!” You can’t tell in this photo, but it was a one-piece number with a zipper at the chest and pants at the bottom (most likely flared at the bottom). Thank GOODNESS I was growing like a f—ing weed and didn’t have to wear this get-up very long! Note the scrape on my forehead, which was caused by me making an ill-fated attempt to “pop a wheelie” on my bike (without a helmet, as was the style in the 1970s) and I flew over the handlebars. Also note the snow on the ground, which is puzzling because of the recent bike-related injury. Mysteries abound! Speaking of mysteries…that pointed shirt collar! As for why it didn’t poke my eye out is a true mystery indeed!

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