Thanks, Mack (The Cat)! You’re The Best!

My folks are out of town and staying with my brother for a few days, so I have been going to my folks’ house to do mortality checks on their cats. Just kidding about that – two of them are little freaks, and pretty much stay hidden when my folks aren’t around and they look at me with abject terror, for some strange reason. The two “scaredy cats” could be dead as far as I know. I don’t put too much effort into searching for them…I let the friendly one seek me out (which he always does)!


“Mack” is the one on the right. Nicky, the orange one, is terrified of me…

Their “friendly” cat is a brown tabby named “Mack.” He is so named because he used to live on a loading dock and my dad thought the whole Mack truck thing was kind of cute. The name actually kind of suits him. I call him “Mackie.”

Today, I went down to their basement to do my absolute favorite thing in the world. Which is scoop the cat litter (JK)!. My mom has five  litter boxes set up down there, and thankfully she uses the scented clumping litter. So much better than the old clay litter. I started on my task of scooping the turds…and the “pee boulders,” which is the word I use to describe what happens to clumping litter when a cat pisses in it. Stinky cat litter encrusted…pee boulders. They can be as heavy as rocks!

Mack came downstairs (he loves using the kitty door) to say “hi” to me. He flopped on his side on the concrete floor and exposed his cute, cute belly, doing his cute little squeaky meow.

“Did you leave me some surprises, sweetie?” I said to him in my best sing-songy voice (cats actually love it when I talk to them – do not argue with me about this)!  I AM the cat whisperer!

He answered my question in the best possible way. He got into a litter box. Specifically, he got into what would be the very LAST box I was going to scoop. Sometimes the little bastard gets into the one I just cleaned out to show his “appreciation.” Yup, he left a couple of new “pee boulders” for me to add to my collection.

Thanks, buddy! You’re the best!

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