A “Rerun” From About a Year Ago…

Here is a recap of a trivia game from about a year ago at Powell’s Pub. We played there to substitute a score from missing a game at the Wurst Bar on account of snow. Yes, the game was only a couple of miles away, but I made the “captain’s call” and deemed the trivial seas to be unpassable on that night. In a strange ironic twist, the two other places we played to attempt to substitute the score both resulted in a very sub-par 49 points (we also played at Maplewood Lanes, which was the only time our trivia team’s “millennial,” Evan, played a MTL game with us).


Frequent guest star Charo and Captain Stubby. Steube? Ah, Stubing…Oh, if that sequined strapless bodysuit could talk!

I think maybe there was a question about The Love Boat in this game at Powell’s, but I’m not sure! Our team’s “elder statesman” Brad was all over it. Mike and I were a tad too young to have watched The Love Boat. By “too young,” I mean our parents probably thought it wasn’t appropriate for the kids to watch, not that we were too young for it to have been on the airwaves while we were alive.  I’m pretty sure my dad watched Charlie’s Angel’s after the kiddos went to bed!

I won’t be posting too many blogs today. Ugh…tooth pain! Exactly how I wanted to spend my precious days off from work! Not too bad right now, and about 7 hours since my last ibuprofen dose. I also have a bottle of Orajel “severe.” It’s liquid stuff you can dab on your gums to numb yourself up just like the dentist does. Only effective for a couple of hours tops, but this stuff WORKS! Just be careful not to get any on your lips (Q-tips work great).

I’m about to embark on an Airplane/Naked Gun movie marathon. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

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