Trivia Recap – Dec. 14, 2018 – JB’s Smokehouse

Sometimes adjusting to a new trivia spot isn’t easy. It can take a few games to find the “sweet spot” to sit, for one! We decided to move to the bar to finish up our My Trivia Live game Thursday at J.B.’s Smokehouse BBQ (aka the restaurant attached to the Busch’s grocery store in Canton). We didn’t really like being seated at a table right in between two other teams, for one (it makes discussing answers a bit tricky). Maybe we also didn’t want to offend those two other teams with our occasional jaunts into “salty” language (I have said before that the ‘Pods trivia team experience is not unlike being on a pirate ship). We just felt more comfortable with a bit more privacy in the nice cushy bar seats – we will be sure to sit at the bar next time! I can’t quite explain why there would be a difference with being seated at a table close to two other tables – and playing while sitting at a bar, where if it’s crowded, you’re also going to be sitting between other trivia players. I honestly can’t explain that one. When it was just Mike and I playing at Powell’s, Oscar’s, Johnny’s Grill and Original Gravity (my oh my we’ve been around the trivia block, haven’t we), we’d usually try to find spots at the bar, which could sometimes be tricky, especially at Powell’s! People would tend to space themselves out in such a way that getting two seats together was often an impossibility. Happy hour crowds at OG would usually start clearing out close to 7:30, so that’s when spots at the bar would tend to open up there.
One thing I remember from playing at Oscar’s – NEVER sit at the spot at the end of the bar closest to the host! For some reason, that area was an acoustic “black hole,” which made it difficult to hear the questions. It’s also very close to the kitchen, so you’re going to have people constantly walking back and forth behind you. A little “pro” tip for you all!
Now if only the music playing in the bar doesn’t drown out the questions being broadcasted by the rookie “Trivia Jockey” Gene (which happened during an obscure question about a fashion line that nobody seemed to remember)! While we were in the midst of trying to hear the convoluted question, our poor ears had to fight with Manfred Mann’s Do Wah Diddy blaring loudly over the restaurant’s sound system (to the credit of JB’s staff, the music WAS turned down so that the teams could hear the question and all ultimately fail to come up with the correct answers)! It’s all good – it’s a new trivia spot, “newish” trivia host, all presenting new experiences for the seasoned teams. I’m sure we’ll ALL be a part of the ‘learning curve at JB’s!
As for the game, we did…OK! We had 61 points going into the final, won a third place/$10 gift card. A couple of other teams really outsmarted us on this night (only five points divided us from two teams tied for first going into the final question)! Hard to compete when a team has a perfect first half, but we rallied a bit in our second half, doing quite well until…round six – which I will never speak of again!
And the questions…
Round One
1. Games – What playground game is played similarly to baseball but uses a large inflatable ball moved by the feet? 5
2. Companies – What company that operated between 1877 and 1984 was named for the inventor of the telephone? 3
3. Food – What green leafy vegetable is the key ingredient in eggs florentine? 1
Round Two
1. Animals – In North America, wild reindeer are known by what name? 3
2. Companies – What former Cincinnati lawyer will make a return to TV in daytime courtroom format following the cancellation of his TV show? 1
3. Founding Fathers – What founding father was the subject of a 2015 Broadway musical? There was more to this question, but I didn’t write it all down (I think everyone knows this answer anyway). The three point bonus question piggybacked on this one was: A territory located in present day Tennessee was named for what founding father? This territory lobbied to become the 14th U.S. state. We did not attempt the bonus, got the question correct for 5.
Round Three
1. Novels – What J.D. Salinger novel is not available in e-book form because of his agents honoring his wishes to not allow further adaptations of the book? Yay we can name a J.D. Salinger novel…3
2. Cats – If your cat is polydactyl, it has more than the usual number of what? Queue up the memories of Stampy the cat (RIP, Stampy)!  5
Stampy the polydactyl cat owned by my parents from 1999 to 2007? Or was it 2008? I’ll have to ask my mom… Funny story about this cat, when my husband visited the house while the rest of the family was away (me and my folks were visiting my brother in the U.P.), Stampy acted very…strangely. He ran from room to room and meowed in each room, as if to say “Where did everybody go?” He went to EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE AND DID THIS.  He was very weirded out to see JUST my husband and not anyone else. It was only when Mike said, “It’s OK, they’re just gone for a couple of days, they’ll be back” did Stampy calm down. Clearly he was trying to communicate! Anyone who says cats are dumb has obviously never had one! One photo of Stampy isn’t enough, so here’s one more!


He was such a sweetie!
3. Web Sites – What web site founded by Nate Silver is named for the number of electors in the Electoral College? Mike just “happened” to be in the bathroom while this was being asked, thankfully he got back in time to answer this one (isn’t it nice to be needed), 1
Halftime – Name four of the most widely used currencies in the world.
We managed to get three of these correct.
Scores: Preston, 26; Fast Times at Miskatonic High, 33; Noelle It Alls, 36 and Fashionably Late, 40.
Round Four
1. Edibles – What edible creature has a variety called the common periwinkle? Newsletter bonus, 6
2. Musicians – John Coltrane was best known for playing what musical instrument? 4
3. Directors – What film director appears intoxicated in late 1970s advertisements for Paul Masson wine, which later went viral? Yay I wasn’t “too young” to get this pop culture reference (which happens a bit in MTL games…)! 2
The outtakes of these ads are actually hilarious!
Round Five
1. Narrators – Home Alone actor Daniel Stern provides the adult voice of Kevin Arnold on what 1980s-1990s sitcom? 6
2. Famous Quotes – Charles De Gaulle was quoted as saying, “How can you govern a country that has 246 different (blank)?” I actually wrote down a guess that would have been correct, but we thought it was too ridiculous. Miss for 2.
3. ’90s Movies – The 1999 film The Sixth Sense is primarily set in what U.S. city?
Round Six
1. Novels – What is “Brideshead” in Brideshead Revisited? Miss for 2.
2. Fashion – This was the question everyone had a hard time hearing because of the whole  Do Wah Diddy incident, but I’ll do my best to paraphrase this question (Google isn’t helping me much, so sorry) – What ’80s fashion line with a two-word name referred to colorful headlines around the world? This was a “doozy” for 4 (no teams got correct).
3. Lawyers – Johnny Cochrane, famous for his “glove” demonstration, led the defense of what celebrity’s trial in 1994? 6
Scores heading into the final:
Preston, 44; Fast Times at Miskatonic High, 61; Fashionably Late/Noelle It Alls, 66.
Final Question: Who is the only U.S. president to have held a patent – for a device designed to lift boats over shoals?
Yay me…(hey…I celebrate the little victories of my teammates when they do awesome things in games, why not do the same for myself every now and then)?
Tiebreaker had to be settled between the top two teams, Fashionably Late won the tiebreaker. We got the (sigh) third place prize. That’ll do!
If you bothered to read this far, I have NEWS! Mike and I will be joining forces with another MTL team at the finals championship on Saturday at the The Plymouth Roc (incidentally this team is also a husband/wife duo). This will be the second time we have attended a MTL finals at this bar and are kind of excited since it’s such a CLOSE drive! It will be…odd joining people at a tournament we’ve never even met, but I am hoping Stacy (who wound up being “matchmaker” for this union) will help get us get acquainted with the team we’ll be (hopefully) helping out!  I exchanged a few texts with Stacy last night, and one from her said that this other team didn’t want play finals if they were going to be “short.” I responded, “Well now they’ll have a tall team” (groan)! I hope they are older than us, that should help make for a good mix, since some of the really old pop culture references can sometimes stymie us (ahem – Flip Wilson). We’re not the youngest MTL players out there, but I certainly see PLENTY of MTL players who are old enough to have been high school classmates with my parents! As always, Go ‘Pods, and stay classy, drunken Orson Welles!

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