Trivia Recap – Nov. 16, 2018 – Original Gravity (Venue Tournament)

Editor’s note: My apologies for posting this so late. I actually had it all written out and ready to post on Facebook, then I got completely…Zuckerberged! I tried attaching a photo, and everything was gone! So I had to retype EVERYTHING! I really should “originate” all of these on this blog site since it auto-saves everything, but then I’d have to renumber everything and (oy)! Technology! Please see the comments for some additional post-scripts about this game and some things that occurred afterward.
Thursday was the Sporcle Live venue tournament night at Original Gravity Brewing Company. Without burying the lede, the team This Is Sparta wound up winning the coveted league championship spot and will represent OG at the Dec. 1 tournament at Ashley’s Beer & Grill of Westland! They were very much like their Spartan mascots on this night…valiantly battling a tough set of questions that managed to slaughter at least a couple of teams with “veteran” players (including ours).
A scene from 300. I believe this is still one of the highest-grossing films at the U.S. box office that is R-rated AND based on comics.
It was kind of like the famous Battle of Thermopylae! Except everyone wore their shirts…and there was no blood, and David Wenham wasn’t the narrator. The trivia battle by This Is Sparta was underscored by their own personal battles they’ve had within the past couple of months, in particular the sudden passing of one of their team members, Maria in October. I’ve gotta hand it to this team! Yell it with me… “THIS IS SPARTA!” Well, I can’t do it (my husband is taking a disco nap, LOL)!  We may have wound up getting tossed into the pit (just like that one scene in 300, well, not exactly..) with that Lemony Snicket final question in game two and a horrible, horrible game one (only got one regular round question correct), but we won a $10 gift card/second place in game one for knowing an Oscars final answer about movies directed by women. Hey…sometimes I know things and stuff!  We had a mere FOURTEEN points going into the game one final! It was just myself, Mike and Dave battling the questions on this night. On that note, how about some questions? These questions will be very, very abbreviated…(deal with it)! Please? Thanks!
1. 2010s TV – Name two of the three TV series that won a primetime Emmy for outstanding drama series in the decade of the 2010s. Miss for 3,
2. World Leaders – Louis St Laurent was the leader of what country from 1948 to 1957? Miss for 2.
3. 2000s Movies – What 2004 comedy starring Tom Arnold, Snoop Dogg and Method Man had the slogans “The party is non stop” and “What goes up must get down?” And Mike is the only one who will get a question right in this regular round. How he knew THIS one..I dunno! 5
4. NFL Stadiums – In August, 2018, TIAA Bank acquired Everbank, which led to the renaming of a stadium for what NFL team? Miss for 1. Dave and I were in the right part of the country at least with our guess!
5. VIdeo Games – “Evil is powerful, but courage is (blank)?” Fill in the blank for the slogan for this Playstation 3 game. Miss for 4.
6. Authors – What American author has writteun 24 novels eight of which have been best sellers. Titles include Leaving Time, Off the Page, Between the Lines and The Storyteller. Miss for 6.
7. Elements – What element is the most abundant one in the earth’s crust? Miss for 10.
8. Zodiac – Name two of the three Western zodiac signs that fall within dates that do not have any federal holidays. This miss was totally on me. I am supposed to know this zodiac BS! Clearly my ruling planets Saturn and Uranus were having a cruel joke on me here (ha ha I’m just having an Aquarian moment)! Tsk tsk, Aquarians can be SUCH airheads! See what I did there? We’re air signs! Yes, yes…water bearers…but air signs (IKR)? That explains why it’s always my job to fetch water on camping trips! Ahem…miss for 9. My horoscope didn’t predict THIS! Yes, you know we’re having a horrible, no-good very bad trivia game when I miss a zodiac question!
9. Money – Which state’s quarter includes a picture of a car with the outline of the state? Miss for 7.
10. Number One Songs – Give the last name of the singers who recorded these songs – Go Away Little Girl (1963), The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (1973) and Lessons Learned (1999)? Nope.
Mystery – Initials – Give the first and last initials of the following people based on their descriptions – which will, when put in order, name a mascot for a Power 5 Conference team.
M1 – Magician with an A&E series and has also performed in Cirque du Soleil
M2 – Touched by an Angel actress (series run 1994-2003)
M3 – Mathematician/philosopher buried in Westminster Abbey since 1727
M4 – Co-founder and lead vocalist of Evanescence
I am STILL amazed I remembered the actress’ name for M2. Was it because of an…ANGEL? I don’t know! But it FELT like divine intervention! Didn’t spell her first name quite right, but close enough!
Got six precious points here – plus the three newsletter points- so FOURTEEN POINTS! Worst Game Ever, Charlie Brown (that was the team name we used).
We were second to last in the standings…This is Sparta slayed the hell out of these tough questions and were in the lead with 50 points. Mind the Gap was in second with 31 points, and Where’s Trey was in fourth with 28 (these are all of the qualified teams).
Final Category – Academy Awards
Before The Hurt Locker in 2009, name two films that were nominated for best picture and were directed or co-directed by a woman.
We went WAY against our playbook here! Usually we have decent regular rounds and shit ourselves silly on the finals (please do not visualize that)! I guess you could imagine orangutans at a zoo! I’ve seen them do this before…it’s funny…and gross! I digress….
Standings: ‘Pods, 28; TIS, 70.
Game Two
1. New Movies – What character, introduced in comics in 1984 is the title character in a high-grossing movie released in 2018? 10
2. U.S. Flags – Name one of the two states whose flags have three horizontal bands with a blue one on the bottom. Miss for 2.
3. Pizza – Besides cheese and tomatoes, name any one of the three most popular non-meat toppings for pizza in the U.S. 5
4. MVPs – Name either of the players from the 2018 MLB season to win rookie of the year. Miss for 1.
5. Senators – What U.S. senator wrote Our Revolution – A Future to Believe In and The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class? Fanboy Mike all over this for 4.
6. Companies – What film company has used a woman carrying a torch and wearing a cape as its symbol since 1924? Miss for 9.
7. DJs – What is the stage name of the DJ named Christopher Comstock who has worked with Selena Gomez, among others? Miss for 3.
8. Disney TV – I did not really write this one down at all. But the answer was Hannah Montana. I remembered hearing something about Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverly Place. There’s your free answer for you all! Got this for 6.
9. Competitions – The Santa Clara Vanguard, the Blue Devils and the Bluecoats are all 2018 winners of what competition? My “triviagasm” of the game (besides remembering Roma Downey’s name)…8
10. Nature – Nine letter word for the place that air, water, animals, plants and soil all hang out together. No, this is not quite how the question was worded! Got it for 7.
Mystery – Populous Cities – Given the two most populous cities in their respective countries, name the third most populous city.
M1. Toronto, Montreal
M2. Bangalore, Delhi
M3. Madrid, Valencia
M4. Durbin, Johannesburg
Missed #1 and #2.
The “qualified” teams’ scores heading into final #2 were as follows: This is Sparta, 90; Mind the Gap, 66; and Where’s Trey, 65. These scores include the teams’ tournament points.
Raw scores; This is Sparta, 31 Mind the Gap, 40; Where’s Trey, 52. We were in third with 44 points.
Final Category – Novels
There are 13 novels in the Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events. Aside from the word “the,” if you alphabetized the other words in the alliterative titles, which ones would fall within the last four alphabetically?
Now let’s talk about “unfortunate events,” shall we? The Treacherous Trivial Trials! That book would be all about us!
Wagered 20 and missed.
Did not catch the game winners. The REAL winner was This is Sparta! Again, a thousand grats from all of us! It was a pleasure to be bested in trivia battle by you during the past few seasons!
Well, that’s a wrap! Our trivial pursuits from now until 2019 will be once weekly if that. I’d like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving in advance! May your family members all be tolerable (even if it requires you taking surreptitious sips from a hip flask), may your feasts be extra yummy and may your sportsball contests end the way you want them to. If you go shopping please try not to get trampled and DO NOT TRAMPLE ANYONE ELSE! No trampling! You got that? Just don’t do it! I know it’s so tempting, people are so squishable…On that note, Go Pods, and stay classy…Black Thursday/Friday shoppers!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Nov. 16, 2018 – Original Gravity (Venue Tournament)

  1. After the game, my teammates and I were hanging outside and chatting with the This is Sparta team. They were SO ecstatic to have won this game! In all honesty, I actually wanted another team to win the tournament on this night, but I’m very happy that This Is Sparta won! One of the team members of Mind the Gap joined us while we were chatting outside and had kind of a funny digression about which actress had her toe shot off in Harlem Nights. We later learned that it was Della Reese. god I barely even remember that movie (though for some reason I knew it was release in 1989). Get a bunch of trivia players together and conversations will pretty much go anywhere!

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