My Trivia Team is… “Commitment-phobic” Right Now…

I was chatting with a trivia player in Facebook Messenger Sunday afternoon and made the comment that my trivia team is really “commitment-phobic” right now. We’ve been seeing a lot of trivia spots, but haven’t really found any that we want to “settle down” with!

Consider these facts – we previously played trivia games regularly at numerous bars in the area – Corner Brewery for almost three years (we still play there every now and then), Wurst Bar for nearly two years, a few seasons at the YpsiAlehouse, a few seasons at Sticks, and we’ve had an “on again, off again” relationship with Original Gravity for the past 2.5 years (we tend to only play there regularly in the spring/summer/fall – do not play in the winter months), and have qualified for two tournaments at OG. We also played a few seasons at Heidelberg, Arbor Brewing Co. Brewpub (downtown Ann Arbor), and a few “casual” seasons at Johnny’s Grill.


Quote from Zombieland.

Starting in September? All of our previous “monogamy” went out the window. First on the break-up list was Powell’s Pub. Sorry, Powell’s Pub, I guess I just wasn’t that into you (face it – you weren’t really that into me, either).  My husband and I played four games, then said “See ya” to Powell’s. No heartfelt meeting over coffee…no feel good spiels – “It’s not you…it’s me.” I didn’t even preface any of it by saying “We can still be friends.” We qualified for two different trivia tournaments playing here, but in our third season, we just…walked away.

Next “victim” was Oscar’s Sports Grill in Saline. I played one game there, then decided that things just weren’t…working out. We qualified for two different trivia tournaments playing there, but after trivia was canceled there for  one night, we tried out a different trivia spot. After seeing how calm and friendly the overall atmosphere was at the other spot (Tony Sacco’s in Canton), I could see all too clearly how calm and friendly Oscar’s WASN’T. Though we kind of thought about going for another roll in the hay with Tony Sacco’s, we have never been back there. The “prizes can be used only on food” thing is a big part of that! It’s also been good having weekends back!

We did a couple of one-night stands with Haymaker. Not ruling out other game nights with them!

We’ve had some good “summer flings” with OG, and will be doing our seasonal breakup with them soon. We’ll come back to them next spring and the two of us…well it will be like we never skipped a beat! I’ll really, really miss you! If only you were like…10 miles closer!

Currently, we’re trying “Trivia Tuesdays” at Tower Inn, and plan to see how things work out there for a couple of games. Later this month, we’ll start seeing another spot, to see if there’s any “chemistry” there. Maybe…just maybe…we’ll find “the one!” If not? Maybe it won’t be a bad thing to just continue being a “trivia whore!” No commitments,  no strings attached, nothing on the line except fun times (and prizes), no stressing about missing games or not qualifying for tournaments.  If nothing else, it’s a surefire guarantee I won’t get bored…

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