Some of My Inspirations for that “Serial Killers” Blog…

Anyone want to find out what inspired me to write that blog I posted Saturday about serial killers? Well, I’ve always been kind of fascinated with serial killers, for one. Secondly, every time…I mean EVERY TIME – I see oversized stock pots in a store I think of Jeffrey Dahmer using them to cook human heads.

But what about that psychotic female who bludgeons her date to death and stores him in a chest freezer? Well in this case, reality can be just as odd as fiction! And a real-life story inspired me here…and this story involved a high school administrator named Leonard Tyburski from Canton, MI who killed his wife- and kept her in a chest freezer for years. Read about that here. He didn’t mind killing his wife – but apparently, he didn’t want to part with her. Their daughter had nightmares about her mother’s 1985 disappearance and decided to open up a chest freezer in the basement…guess what she found? For four years she’d been crammed into that freezer (which had a lock on it).

By the time I started working in the news biz – in the mid 1990s – I was a little late to the game to cover this story (believe me – I would have LOVED covering a story like this). I did, however, have an opportunity to look at crime scene photos at the local police department. And the enduring image in my head was that his wife was wearing one of these concert shirts…


A concert T-shirt from Hall & Oates’ Big Bam Boom tour (1985)

In my blog, it’s a female who dispatches her male date and stores him in a freezer. That was actually my husband’s idea, and the female in this case is based very, very loosely on (ahem) – me. Well, a very, very dark and fictionalized version of me, anyway! For a couple of years now I’ve been BEGGING Mike to do a one-panel cartoon of a woman at a speed dating scenario holding a bloody weapon – and a dead guy on the floor. She implores with the police officer – “I’m sorry, officer – but he didn’t get ANY  of my pop culture references.” Sigh…maybe that will have to be my birthday present next year!

Of course I’m not going to kill someone for not getting my pop culture references! But perhaps an unhinged “bizarro” version of me would do just that. It’s fascinating to think about. I’ve always thought it was best to keep in touch with your dark side – even if only to keep it from taking over! Isn’t it better to let it seep out through writing than to buy a chest freezer and stuff a body into it?


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