(Lost Recap) – Trivia Recap – March 15, 2017 – Curtain Call (Haymaker Public House)

Editor’s Note: This is yet another trivia recap I managed to “dredge” from the posts on my trivia team’s Facebook Page. Please “like” it or stalk it if you haven’t already! Though a “like” is preferable, especially if you’re already stalking my trivia team by visiting this blog site! I am putting far more content here than on the Facebook page these days. Though however you choose to stalk my trivia team is perfectly fine with me! I love ALL of my readers (smooch)! Anyway, here’s a recap of a game from March, 2017 at the Curtain Call in Ann Arbor, which has since been renamed “Haymaker Public House.” We had a chance to do trivia battle with some old trivia rivals in this game, and managed to win a first place/$30 prize for our efforts. 

Tuesday we decided to visit The Curtain Call Ann Arbor (aka the bar that used to be The Arena, aka the bar owned by Sporcle Live). I mean, as a trivia junkie – how could I pass up this opportunity? When this place was The Arena, I admittedly was not a huge fan of the place, though I did hit up few trivia nights here on occasion, and in years past, even came here for the karaoke scene. The bar is nicely set up, with a full selection of draft beers, both craft and “swill” to appeal to every beer lover. They also serve a limited selection of food, on a previous visit, my husband and I tried one of the pizzas, which was pretty good. But really, I’m not the one to hit up for a food review, that is what other people – and Yelp – are for. We don’t usually order food on our trivia nights. Our “nourishment” on this particular night was of the “liquid” variety, in this case “tallboy” cans of Founders Brewing Co.’s “All Day IPA.” Yes, they have tallboys in 19.2- ounce cans! I did not know this until coming out here! Right then and there I’d pretty much made up my mind what I was going to be drinking! I jokingly referred to it as “Miller Lite for the craft beer crowd.” Though in reality, this beer, though an easy drinking “session” beer, is a bit too hoppy for those who normally prefer Miller Lite! And believe me, I know some very picky beer drinkers… As for the trivia, well…what more could you ask for? A good selection of teams with which to do battle, a good variety of seating choices – bar seating, booths (NOTE this bar no longer has booths), tables, which at least a couple of the larger teams pushed together, and questions shown via PowerPoint on a screen near the host, Sporcle Trivia Nights With Joe V. And no one in the bar was punished for where they sat – trivia questions could be heard from anywhere you sat in the room, which had speakers in several locations. We finished in fourth overall, winning a first place gift certificate in game one for $30, just barely beating the venue’s top dogs Cool People and Jeff, a team we regularly battled when we played weekly at the “Corner Brewery.” And the questions…
Game One
1. James Bond – Of the four James Bond films starring Daniel Craig, which one comes last alphabetically?
2. European Geography – Name one of the two countries whose northernmost region is called “Lapland.” Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus. Mike nails both of these.
3. Same Title – What TV series airing on the CW shares its name with an album by Santana? Miss.
4. NCAA Basketball – Villanova won the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in 2016. Which team won in 2015? We actually made the right guess here, based on how one of the teams reacted when the question was read. We remembered a similar reaction out of the team when a question about a certain state was read some time ago when we played against them at Corner, so on a hunch, picked a school in this state. Too bad we only got this for 1!
5. Wars – The Burning of Falmouth, the Battle of Iron Works and Grey’s Raid are all events associated with what war? Mike again with right guess.
6. Brand Names – What retailer has carried product lines called Bigelow, True Blue and Aromatherapy? A friend who visits me once a year ALWAYS has to go to a place selling these products, and, well, why not buy some of their lip gloss while with my bestie? 🙂
7. Singers – Before releasing a 1998 Grammy winning debut album, singer Lauryn Hill was best known for being a member of which group? Miss.
8. The Human Body – The gustatory system is most closely associated with which of the five human senses?
9. Beer – What Anheuser-Busch brand was originally developed in 1896 and is known for its “Ultra” and “Amber Bock” varieties?
10. Theme Park Rides – What 1908 book is the basis for the ride “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?” Commence dirty jokes by Mike now…
Mystery – Add ‘Em Up
Sum total of numbers in these answers will be equal to a perfect square.
1. Number in title of Tom Hanks movie in which he plays an astronaut
2. Number of letters in the state with Devil’s Tower National Monument
3. Number of sides of a dodecagon
4. Number of sickles equal to a galleon in the Harry Potter universe
Got them all.
Final Category – Elements
There are eight elements with full names that are exactly six letters long, but do NOT end in the letter “M”.
Name four of those elements.
We finished in first with 81 points, just one point ahead of CP&J. We think, anyway…they were using a psedonym…
Game Two
1. Music Duos – Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley make up the members of what country music duo? Miss
2. Exploration – In the early part of what century did Ponce de Leon discover Florida while searching for the Fountain of Youth?
3. Car Care – What apparatus found under the hood of the car is used to measure the oil level? More dirty jokes! 🙂
4. World Series – What MLB team appeared for the first time in the 1982 World Series and as of March, 2017 has not appeared in the series again? Miss
5. Native Americans – Name one of the two largest Native American tribes in the U.S. according to the 2010 U.S. Census? Name both for an extra “nerd” point. Got both.
6. Current TV – Audio clip of current TV show. Miss.
7. Online Games – What company produced the mobile game “Words With Friends” and “Farmville?”
8. Actors – What Oscar-winning actor born in the 1970s disregarded advice from a potential agent to change his name to Lenny Williams because his birth name sounded “too ethnic?” Mike with right guess again (boy am I glad I didn’t play this game solo!)
9. California – Which of the following California cities is located closest to Napa Valley? San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, or San Francisco?
10. Ingredients- What type of fish is used in Caesar dressing?
Mystery – https://www.sporcle.com/blog/visual/order314/ Got them all.
Final Category – What Year Am I?
In what year did all of the following events occur?
– The Oslo Accords are signed in Washington DC.
– Monday Night Raw debuts on television
– The siege of the compound of Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas
We missed this one…Until next time, which will be tonight at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for a one-night engagement. Go Pods!

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