Trivia Recap – September 2, 2018 – Tony Sacco’s (Canton)

Please see the comments for additional notes about this game.
A “certain” college football game prompted one of our trivia spots to cancel the trivia game Saturday night. So instead of visiting Oscar’s Sports & Grill, which has been a semi-regular trivia spot of ours for a couple of years, we checked out Tony Sacco’s, Canton for its Saturday night trivia scene hosted by Sporcle Live with Patti. Both trivia spots are about equal distance from where we live, and it wasn’t too late of a start time (8 p.m.), so we figured “why not?” We won two second-place/$10 prizes. We finished in first overall for the night with 121 points, we were forced to wager zero on a “rap artists” final question (rap is definitely not a strong category for either of us). Other than that, we were pretty happy with this place! The drink specials were decent ($4 “you call its”), and the service was very good. Plus, the questions there are projected on a screen via PowerPoint, which I like because I write down all of the questions. The gift certificate prizes cannot be used on alcohol, but we will not be able to play here every week anyway, so it’s not a deal breaker! A bit of warning for other “out of towners” coming out here – we saw two Wayne County Sheriff’s cruisers parked along the north side of Ford Road near the charter school, both not far from each other, just waiting to catch speeders and other “violators.” Patrols were probably beefed up because of the holiday weekend.
So what’s the verdict? We’ll plan on playing occasional Saturdays here, at least for the remainder of this season. We both decided that the change of “scenery” was a good thing for us! It’s a very easy drive on a Saturday evening, with very few stops, and the trivia scene was… nice and mellow! Mike and I have both been trying to be more “zen” as of late, and finding nice, calm trivia scenes is part of that goal.
And…the questions:
Game One
1. ’90s TV – Vice President Dan Quayle mocked what CBS title character for raising a child alone? 5
2. Governors – Sir Henry Morgan was a Welsh frontiersman and captain who served as governor on what island which is now known as what country? 6
3. Kids’ Books – What children’s book series written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey featured the superhero alter ego of Principal Krupp? FB clue, 10.
4. Diseases – What disease, most commonly occurring in children ages 5 to 15, is the result of a strep infection and presents itself as a red bumpy rash on the tongue, referred to as “strawberry tongue?” Miss for 1, but seemed SO obvious when the answer was revealed.
5. Judges – Which judge on The Voice had their first Billboard top 20 hit in 2001 titled Austin? Thankfully this was also the ONLY judge on this show I can name, got this for 2.
6. Country Borders – Which country, located between Tajikistan and Pakistan, shares the shortest border with China, at only about 50 miles long? Miss for 7.
7. Video Games – What two words complete the phrase in this 1985 Super Mario Brothers game – “Thank You Mario! But Our Princess is In (blank blank)?” Mike all over this for 9.
I’ve never seen this movie (asked about in the next question), but I’m guessing this is an uncomfortable scene, based on the expression on Tea Leoni’s face. Sigh. Just have a THREESOME already! 🙂
8. Rom Coms – What 2004 romantic comedy starred Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni as a couple with marital issues as well as actress Faz Vega as the family’s nanny? I’m usually not too sharp when it comes to rom coms….OR Adam Sandler movies, and even though I never saw this movie, I knew this one for 8. And WEIRD! Mike and I just watched an episode of The X-Files earlier in the day that featured Tea Leoni (and Garry Shandling)! That was the second weird TV-related “coincidence” happening in the past couple of days. The first was me randomly talking about a very uncomfortable episode of The Office involving a dinner party at Michael and Jan’s condo while Mike and I were on a hike. The very next morning THAT episode was airing on TV! Doubly weird because we haven’t watched that series regularly for YEARS. Are the TV gods trying to tell me something? Hey, if these weird “majicks” wind up helping me with trivia questions, I won’t complain!
A scene from the thirteenth episode of season #4 of The Office, featuring a VERY uncomfortable dinner party. I had a friend invite my husband and I to a dinner party several years ago, and this episode was one of several reasons I made up an excuse not to go…(true story)!
9. Nicknames – Among the full member Division 1 schools that use the nickname “Huskies” for their athletic teams, name one of the two located the farthest east. Name both for an additional “nerd” point. Named one but not both (yes we got a sportsball question correct, I think I knew the answer to this one because of Brad), got this for 4 but no bonus. This will be the first of THREE sports related questions we got right on this trivia night (IKR)? Believe it….or not!
10. Candy – What small rectangular candies consist of a green layer between two brown layers and are wrapped in green foil imprinted with a drawing of a mountain? 3
Mystery – Give the “American” name of the following foods listed in “British English.”
1. Crisps
2. Courgette
3. Swede
4. Banger
Missed #2. Strangely, Mike did suggest the correct thing, and we almost put the wrong thing for #3 and changed it for the correct answer at almost the last second.
Scores: Uncle, 24; Weebles, 37; Small, 44; Rabbits, 52; Sparty On (not to be confused with Kimberly‘s team which is also called Sparty On), 55; ‘Pods, 56 and Abysmal Failures, 59.
Final Category -Real People In Movies
In 1967, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty played two people on screen who had died 33 years earlier.
Give the last name of either of those two people.
Glad we didn’t have to name both, I brain farted on the woman’s last name, but knew the guy’s last name right away.
Final standings: ‘Pods, 76; Abysmal Failures, 79.
Game two
1. Cover Songs – The Arrows are a British band who originally wrote and recorded what song, which would also become the only #1 hit for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? 10
2. NBA Players – Doing so between 1984 and 1986, who is the mot recent NBA player to win three consecutive regular season MVP awards? Got this for 1. YES WE GOT A NBA QUESTION CORRECT! Here’s how my brain works when it comes to NBA questions. If the question asks for a NBA player from the 1960s, I ALWAYS guess Bill Russell. If it wants a player from the 1970s, it’s Wilt Chamberlain or KAJ. If it’s the 1980s, it’s the guy we put down for this answer. As for the 1990s, I’m pretty much a loss. Shaq? Michael Jordan? That guy they always made fun of on The Man Show? Oh yeah….Karl Malone? Yes, it’s always amusing when I have to pretend I’m the “sports guy” on trivia night! 🙂 Fifty percent of the time, I’m correct every time (LOL)!
Bill Russell, born in 1934, is 6-foot 10 and a five-time NBA MVP winner, 12-time NBA All Star and his jersey #6 has since been officially retired by the Boston Celtics. He scored 14,522 total career points, 21,620 rebounds and 4,100 assists. Surprisingly, he was not initially a “natural” when it came to basketball, he struggled to learn the game while playing in high school. He developed his own signature “defense,” and one of his “tricks” was to study the moves (including footwork) of opposing players as a means of trying to defeat them. By the time he got into his “groove,” he was able to help his Oakland high school team win back-to-back state championships in his junior and senior years.
3. U.S. Cities – What is the most populous U.S. city located west of the Mississippi River that is not located in California or Texas? 9
4. Headquarters – Deere & Co., which produces John Deere products, has its headquarters in which U.S. state? Damn, I just saw a guy wearing a hat with this city printed on it not too long ago, but it didn’t make it into my long term memory, miss for 4.
5. Judges – Which U.S. president appointed the most justices to the U.S. Supreme Court? I’m guessing that a lot of teams missed this one for big like we did…we missed for 8. Ouch!
6. Netflix -What animated Netflix series starring Bill Burr, Laura Dern and Justin Long is a family comedy set in the 1970s that will air its third season in November, 2018? When they showed an image of that series on the screen while revealing the answer, my first thought was, “It’s a rip off of both Family Guy and King of the Hill.” I don’t know if it actually is or not – but it just LOOKED like that to me. Miss for 1.
7. War Books – The 1990s collection of fictional short stories published as The Things They Carried by author Tim O’Brien was set during which war? I remembered this because I read a couple of these stories in college, got this for 7.
8. Toys – In what decade did Play Doh make its official debut as a children’s toy? 3
9. ’90s Movies – Audio clue of a 1994 film featuring a pair of dimwits, got for 6.
10. Country Names – What is the only vowel that does not appear in the names of any of the “Nordic” countries? For a nerd bonus, name all five “Nordic” nations. Got this for 5 plus the bonus.
Visual mystery –
Only managed to get #3 correct (making it the third sports question we got correct on this strange, strange night).
Scores: Abysmal Failures, 24; Weebles, 30; Rabbits, 33; Sparty on, 43 and ‘Pods, 45.
Final Category – Rap Music
In the 2002 song “’Till I Collapse”, Eminem lists eight other rappers he considers to be his equals or better.
Name three of those eight rappers.
We managed to get only ONE of these guys correct. Wagered zero.
Final scores: ‘Pods, 45; Sparty On, 63 (only team to get correct).
Well, that’s it for now! Our next “scheduled” trivia outing will be Wednesday at the Wurst Bar. Our regular Monday spot has canceled trivia for Labor Day. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, George Washington!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – September 2, 2018 – Tony Sacco’s (Canton)

  1. This place was a COMPLETE polar opposite of another trivia spot we have been playing Saturday nights. Quiet atmosphere, friendly, chill, calm host who runs tight, on-time games…no threats of publicly humiliating players who cheat. Service was prompt. The experience of playing here after playing at this “other” spot for a couple of years made us feel like we had been in an “abusive” relationship for a couple of years (mainly because of the trivia host at the “other” spot). I remember she actually threatened to take points AWAY from teams if they complained about questions! I don’t think we can deal with her negativity anymore. After winning a gift card in one of her games a few weeks ago, we were actually AFRAID to go to the host stand to ask about it. I can’t say whether this new spot will be a new semi-regular spot or not after having only played one game here, but I can say that us playing at Oscar’s again is NOT very likely! Maybe if Evan wants to get his trivia on…MAYBE! I do miss the games at OG, I will want to go back there after we play these two weeks at Wurst.

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