Trivia Recap – Aug. 26, 2018 – MTL Finals – Aubree’s (South Lyon, MI)

Congratulations to the teams One is the Loneliest Number ($2,500), Soul Men ($750) and Better Late Than Pregnant ($500) for being the “money” winners in Saturday’s My Trivia Live championship! My team’s ability to answer a tough battery of questions was not quite up to snuff in that game, unfortunately! This season’s final game was staged at Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill (South Lyon, MI), where 40 teams battled it out for ultimate trivia dominance. Looking around at the other players in the room, there was kind of a “theme” to the shirts many of them were wearing.
As for concert T-shirts, some that I saw included Dinosaur Jr. (which I kind of liked because it was purple and green and had a dinosaur on it), nine inch nails and Depeche Mode (which was worn by me though it was slightly covered by a lightweight sweater); sports jerseys (Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions gear all were spotted, I did not see any Detroit pistons gear); Hawaiian shirts were kind of common, as were superhero/supervillain shirts (Harley Quinn/Joker and Mike’s hybrid Batman/Cthulhu logo T were some representatives there).
Some players wore T-shirts with their favorite beer brands (Greenbush Brewing was one that I spotted, their beers are pretty good), and a guy wearing a fuschia golf-style polo shirt removed his “Smart Watch” after a trivia host on the mic made an announcement asking that all players remove them. He was across the room within my line of sight, and it was kind of funny to see (you had to be there)! He did NOT look happy to have to remove his watch!
Now that I’ve completed this lame attempt at a “fashion blog,” why don’t I get on with the questions? Well, maybe I’m just trying to distract myself from the pain of my team not having placed in this game (reaches for tissues). Ahem! Here I go!
Round One
1. Presidential Signs – What four-word phrase appeared on a sign on U.S. President Harry S. Truman’s desk? 5
2. Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame – Who was the first female singer inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 1987? 3
3. Decades – In what decade were non-stick cookware, Tylenol and TV dinners all introduced? Miss for 1.
Round Two
1. TV Characters – What TV character was born in Riverside, IA in 2253? 5
2. Institutions – Established in 1846, what institution is known as the “the nation’s attic?” 3
3. Walk Like An Egyptian – What figure in Egyptian afterlife is known as “He who is upon his mountain” and his primary job was protecting mummies and helping transport souls to the next life? Mike was all over this, but for only 1.
Round Three
1. Musicals – What Tony-winning musical did writer Jonathan Larson spend seven years working on only to die unexpectedly the night of the show’s first performance off Broadway? Matt stepped in for 5 points here.
2. Who Wants to be A Millionaire – What phone company helped John Carpenter, the show’s first winner, place a “lifeline” call to his father, in which he told his dad he didn’t need his help? Lucky guess for 1.
3. Authors – What writer and one of the best known alternative medicine figures published his 16th book in 2011, which was co-authored by his son Gotham and titled The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change The World? I don’t know HOW the rest of the guys on my team knew this answer, but I am so happy they did! I would have just made a total “duh” face on this one (thanks guys)! 3
Halftime – Given the release years, one of the stars and the name of an AC/DC track used in the film, identify the following films:
1. 1986 – Emilio Estevez, Who Made Who?
2. 2005 – Jessica Simpsons Shoot to Thrill
3. 2011 – Melissa McCarthy, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
4. 2012 – Rihanna – Thunderstruck
A scene from movie #1 above.
Missed #3 and #4. None of us watched movie #4 or remembered that she was in it…
We had 30 points going into the second half. One is the Loneliest Number and Toads had 36 points. An unspecified number of teams were tied with us for 30 points.
Round Four
1. Children’s TV – What BBC2 series debuted in 1997 and billed itself as the first series geared toward 1 year olds? 6
2. NFL News – Name one of the two NFL teams to use the first ever official male cheerleaders (distinct from teams that already have used male “stunt men”). Nope for 2.
3. Country Music – What female country artist has the distinction of having won a Country Music Association award as best female vocalist performance six consecutive times since the awards ceremony began in 1967? She is the only female artist to have accomplished this feat. We had three different guesses thrown out at our table and they all wound up being incorrect…miss for 4.
This is the woman we put for our country music answer. Did you know that in addition to learning all of her lines for the movie 9 to 5 she also learned everyone else’s lines, too? Dolly Parton doesn’t believe in doing anything half-assed! Plans for remaking this film are supposedly in the works…(God not ANOTHER reboot!)
Round Five
1. TV Cars – What specific make of car was the car featured in the intro of L.A. Law, which also bore the name LA LAW on the license plate? Clearly those of us who actually watched that series didn’t pay quite enough attention, miss for 2.
2. Airlines – What defunct airline company produced the Aries 1B shuttle for the 1968 film 2001 – A Space Odyssey? 4
3. Academy Awards (we were left with our six pointer on this one so…a nail biter!) – What is the minimum number of minutes – within five – for the length a feature film must be to qualify for being nominated for an Academy Award for best picture? Not. Even. Close! Miss for 6. Good thing the tragic movie I’m planning to make about how we did in this tournament won’t be very long since I’m TOTALLY going for an Oscar nod! I have Guillermo del Toro on board to co-write and direct this LOL)! It’s going to be creepy and weird (the fish monster guy from The Shape of Water will have a cameo in it and Ron Perlman will also be in it as Hellboy 🙂 ) I’m guessing a lot of teams missed this one, based on my “informal” poll I conducted during a question break outside when I asked who got it right. One guy out there tried telling me that The Wizard of Oz only had a 48 minute running time. I had no way to disprove what he said even though I knew that couldn’t be right, so I just said, “Wow, it seems so much longer when they add all of those commercial breaks.” Turns out the running time of that movie is 1 hour 52 minutes for you inquiring minds!
Round Six
1. Talk Show Hosts – Who was a three-time winner of Press Your Luck in 1985 and went on to have her own talk show series that ran from 1991 to 2003? Miss for 2.
2. Magazines – What monthly published magazine which includes map supplements released an 8-CD ROM set in 2000 which included all of its maps that had been published since 1888? It would be cool to see how much the country names on the continents of Africa, Europe and Asia have changed since then, wouldn’t it? Got this for 6.
3. Which quartet featured characters including the Star Child, Space Man, Cat Man and Demon? Softball to end this tragic, tragic game [SPOILER ALERT – it’s only going to get more tragic, so you might want to stop reading here].
Scores heading into the final: One is the Loneliest Number and another team whose name I did not write down were tied for first with 62 points, Soul Men were in second with 61, Better Late Than Pregnant were in third with 58. We were eight points behind them and 10 places behind them with 50 points.
Final question category – Statues
The National Statuary Hall collection features 102 statues, two from each U.S. state and from the District of Columbia. One statue was unveiled in 2013, after having been commissioned in 2005. This statue does not represent any U.S. state and is the first full-length statue of an African American to be displayed in the U.S. Capitol.
I initially suggested the right person, based on the year it was commissioned being around when this person died. Then we commenced to start thinking a bit too much. Yes, for the record, I was unspeakably upset about this and I spent the rest of this day trying in vain to numb this pain. Clearly this was NOT our game to win! Even had we gotten this correct we would have only landed in the “consolation prize” zone. Though a couple of us had our sights set on those tie-dyed hoodies (pffft not that the sleeves would be long enough for me anyway, LOL)! Scroll back up to the top to see the game winners. I do not need to type their ironic name again!
As for my team’s “battle plan” for this upcoming season? The weekly games will continue Mondays at Powell’s Pub, unless they are canceled (as it will likely be for Labor Day). Sporcle games will be lighter for the month of September unless Mike and I feel REALLY geeked about going out for a game. We’re not going to “force” ourselves to play every week – or force ourselves NOT to play!
Shooting for end of season tournaments this season – in either trivia league – may not even be part of the plan. Yes, this is true! I think it’s better to step back a bit than burn myself out on trivia completely. The month of August was a true test of my trivial endurance…(ugh)! And I need to recover and (hopefully) get my “groove” back.
As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Lewis Cass! A statue of this guy as a representative for Michigan is in the National Statuary Hall just in case you wondered why the Hell I’m throwing HIS name out there! Now to see if you know the name of the second statue dude representing Michigan besides Lewis Cass! Now shoo you, and do your trivia homework (LOL)! What – you want extra credit too? Oh, OK! How many geographic entities in Michigan can you name that are named in honor of Lewis Cass?
Look at me – I’m a statue – and YOU’RE not! Here’s a statue of Lewis Cass, whom was a territorial governor of Michigan, in addition to holding many, many other federal governmental jobs. Because I’m feeling generous, I’ll go ahead and give you one of the Lewis Cass answers! The Cass River, which runs through Frankenmuth, Vassar and other “Thumb” area cities in Michigan.
If you want to have “real” fun, try to imagine what these two statues representing Michigan would say to each other if they came to life (I’ve already done that…welcome to my weird brain)! Whew! I am relieved this crazy month of trivia tournament after trivia tournament after trivia tournament is finally DONE! And now that I’ve typed this up, I want to just veg out for the rest of the day! And do a couple of loads of laundry (I do need things to wear to work Monday, after all)! Over ‘n out! See you in the next recap (Tuesday)!

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