Trivia Recap – Aug. 19, 2018 – Oscar’s Sports and Grill

A couple of us ‘Pods decided to hit up the “opening night” of the Sporcle Live trivia season Saturday at Oscar’s Sports & Grill, which means we did a “double header!” We’d already played a trivia game earlier in the afternoon, but thought to ourselves – why not do another game? Our ‘hood was a bit busier than usual with the DIY Ypsi event going on, so we decided to avoid the parking hassles and do some trivia instead! We didn’t win any prizes, but came SO close to getting a World War 2 final question right (Mike tried really, really hard on that one…had we only needed to come up with two names instead of three we would have gotten it, he was really so bummed)! Oh well, winning a spot in the MTL finals next Saturday was enough of a trivia prize for us! We finished with 84 points for the night, aside from the disappointing World War 2 final, we also had a (ugh) sportsball final in game two, which forced us to wager nothing. Oh well, sometimes that’s how the trivia cookie crumbles!

And here are those questions…
Game One
1. Jazz – What two words complete this line in a 1931 Duke Ellington song – You ain’t got a thing if you ain’t got (blank)? 10. Anyone else remember when Saran Wrap had their own take on that song in one of their ad jingles?
2. 2018 Movies – What is the title of the shark-themed movie released in August, 2018 featuring Jason Statham, Rainn Wilson among others? 9
3. Famous Women – What was the first name of the daughter of Russian Czar Nicholas II who was thought to have escaped execution though DNA evidence later proved this to be false? 8
4. Video Games – What video game series features a character named Pepe Hare, who instructs players to “do a barrel roll?” Mike knew this one, but wasn’t very confident, got for 3.
5. Cop Shows – What ABC crime drama airing for 12 seasons beginning in 1994 starred David Caruso and Dennis Franz? Yay, we get a “doctor cop lawyer” question correct for big, thanks to my recent brief obsession with Steven Bochko (RIP)! 7
6. Airlines – What airline’s slogan features the word “transfarency” and also boasts that “bags fly free?” Miss for 2.
7. MLB Players – What was the nickname of MLB player Vernon Gomez who played for the Yankees and Washington Senators between 1930 and 1943? No idea, miss for 1.
8. Sequels – The sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is titled Charlie and the Great Glass (blank)? Mike was all over this one for 5.
9. U.S. Cities – Name one of the two most populous cities in Kansas, name both for an additional “nerd” bonus point. All teams got one, but nobody got the bonus, we got this for 4.
10. Mythology – In Greek mythology, what kind of animal is a Cerberus? 6
Mystery – Progressive Who, What Where (yikes)!
Identify the following rock band based on the clues, providing only one answer. Teams that answered based on the first clue got eight points, teams answering on the second clue got six, so on and so forth.
1. After September 11, 2001, this was the only band for which ALL of their songs were listed as being recommended on a “do not play” list in a memo issued by Clear Channel
2. I am a rock band formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1991
3. My biggest hit was the 1999 single Battle for L.A., which was from the album Guerrilla Radio
4. My band members include Tim Conifer and Tom Morrello, among others.
We got this on clue #3, so got this for four points.

Read more about the Clear Channel memorandum in this Wikipedia article. It’s actually kind of interesting to see which songs were on the “do not play” list – some of them might surprise you!
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 22 to 59, with us in first. One is the Loneliest Number was right behind us with 57, and Let’s Get It behind them with 56.
Final Category – War History
The names of three of the beaches that served as landing zones for Allied forces on D-Day did NOT end in vowels. Name those three beaches.
Mike came up with one right away, and I helped him come up the second (really I did…IKR). But we just couldn’t come up with the third one. One team managed to get all three…
Let’s Get won first with 76 points, unsure who placed second…
Game Two
1. Sea Creatures – What aquatic mammals are also known as “sea cows?” 10
2. 2010s Music – Audio clue of an instrumental version of a song we didn’t recognize, miss for 1.
3. Guns – What brand name for water guns was used by Nerf beginning in 1991? Those were so much fun! 9
4. Soccer – What country’s national team has had five different players score 10 goals in each World Cup, which is more than any other country? We missed this for 8, most other teams wagered big and missed, too (misery loves company).
5. Novels – The Silkworm, Lethal White and Career of Evil are all recent novels by what writer? Miss for 2.
6. Governors – Rod Blagojevich was impeached as governor of what state in 2009? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, for which Western U.S. state has Butch Otter served as governor since 2007? Got the bonus but missed this for 3.
7. Reality TV – Within four, how many seasons has Survivor aired? We knew what year it started airing, but stumbled because we don’t know how “seasons” and “years” coincide, so we missed for 4. This game was starting to go so poorly we worried we’d get voted off the island!
8. Agriculture – Viticulture is the study of what fruit? good guess for 5.
9. Giraffes – “Giraffe Manor” is a sanctuary for endangered giraffes located in which African country? Facebook clue, 6.
10. Superheroes – What actor has portrayed a superhero who has had to fight villains played by Alfred Molina and Thomas Haden Church in two different films? 7
Visual Mystery –

Missed #3.
Scores: Ten teams, scores 24 to 50, with We’re Still Mad in first. We were tied with another team for fifth with 44 points.
Final Category – Hall of Famers (no, no, no, no, NO!)
Only two current franchises in the NFL have never had a Pro Football Hall of Famer play for them. Name both of those franchises.
Wagered zero. Let’s Get It managed to get it right (see what I did there)?
Well, that’s it for our trivial pursuits this week! See y’all in the next game recap Tuesday! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Doc Ock!

Are you still here? Good! Now that you’ve had a chance to see and maybe think about all of these questions, here’s a pic of Mike’s “brainstorming” sheet from that game! Let’s see if you can connect any of these words/images to questions from the game:


I’m really not sure what the robot or tentacle has to do with any of the questions that were asked! Maybe robots and tentacles are always on his mind? 🙂 Note the word “sword,” he did wind up thinking of this word AFTER we handed in our final question answer slip. But we waited as long as we possibly could have to hand it in (oh the tragedy, LOL)!

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