Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom’s 70th birthday! What can I say about my mom besides “Happy Birthday” – and that she’s a Leo according to the Western Zodiac? Hmmm, well, she’s tough – never shies away from a task that needs to be done – whether that be mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, gardening, making a meal that will feed about 80 folks (she volunteers once a month in a “soup” kitchen), she loves her cats, she loves hard candy, loves patrolling estate sales and thrift shops, loves music and she loves a nice romantic movie (and also some sci-fi/fantasy ones, too).


Me and my mom in 2000. There really aren’t that many photos of us together, because she’s camera shy – and usually one of us is the one taking the photo.

My mom also doesn’t tend to mince words! I’ll never forget when she used to work at a service desk at a store and she had a “difficult” customer who demanded to speak to a manager (yeah, one of THOSE people). She calmly said, “Now you just shut up for a second and I’ll get someone to talk to you right away.” That’s part of her magic! She has SUCH a smooth delivery that she could actually get away with telling a customer to “shut up.” If only  I could be so lucky! 🙂

All of that out of the way, how about I introduce this quiz dedicated to my Mom – let’s see how you do on questions about stuff she knows all about! It will be tremendously helpful if you are a “Nick at Night” fan (LOL), but just having been alive when these old TV series aired will be helpful too!

1. Besides Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, name any other regular cast member on the Dick Van Dyke  Show. Actor’s/Actresses names or character names both acceptable.

2. What English artist recorded the disco hit You Make Me Feel Like Dancing?

3. Besides the #1 hit American Pie, name one other charting single from Don McLean’s American Pie album.

4. What is the full name of Don Knotts’ character on the Andy Griffith Show?

5. What is the first and last name of the actor playing Mr. Ed’s owner on Mr. Ed? Bonus – what is his character’s first name?

6. On which Bruce Springsteen album (his fifth studio album, released in 1980) would you find the track Hungry Heart?

7. What is the name of the Elvish female who marries Aragorn  in the Lord of the Rings? Bonus – who is her father?

8. Who was Blake Carrington’s second wife on the TV series Dynasty?

9. Besides Heath Ledger, name any other actor/actress appearing in A Knight’s Tale.

10. Which Monty Python cast member died in 1989?

11. Which Monty Python cast member plays the lumberjack in the “I’m a Lumberjack”  skit? Bonus, which Monty Python actor plays the one in the barber’s chair in this skit?

12. Before playing the title character on the TV series MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson played the character Jeff Webber on what daytime soap opera?


13. John Sebastian is best known for being the founder of what 1960s band, which had hits including Do You Believe In Magic, Summer in the City, and Daydream? This band was inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.

14. What actor was the most recent cast member of the TV series The Partridge Family to die – doing so Nov. 21, 2017? Bonus – what character did this cast member play on the series?

15. Which singer/songwriter had hit songs in the 1970s which included  Peace Train, Moonshadow and Morning Has Broken?

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