Sporcle Live League Championship Questions – South/Central Division – Aug. 6, 2018

Editor’s Note: A friend of mine playing in another trivia division’s league championship Sunday supplied me with these tournament questions. I did my best to edit these and “vet” them for accuracy, but they WILL be very, very abbreviated! Have fun, special thanks to Kim for tiring out her poor hands typing these up! 

Game One

Video games: What video game in one of its versions has St. Basil’s cathedral on its cover?

Sequels: What actor who made his debut in the 1977 made for TV movie Wilma and his film debut in Carbon Copy in 1981 has never starred in a film sequel until July of 2018?

#1 Hits: Otis Redding’s Sittin’ on the Dock of the bay was the first POSTHUMOUS #1 hit for an artist. Name one of the next 2 artists to have a posthumous #1 hit, both of which happened in the 1970s.

Civil War: After New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio name two of the next four states to send the most troops (over 100,000) to the U.S. Civil War. (Note: they did not specify Union or Confederate troops although the answers that Sporcle had initially announced were from the Union. So they ended up accepting 2 out of 4 for each Union and Confederate. This worked in our favor because we listed Confederate states and we got 6 points back…score!)

Business news: (I think this was probably a social). What company set a record for the biggest drop in their stock on July 26, 2018?

Elements: Which element’s name is derived from Greek for Violet colored?

College Sports: Of all the teams who have made it to the college football playoffs, what team has made the playoffs twice and lost in both games?

TV firsts: What Asian American woman made history as first Asian woman to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for the BBC America show Killing Eve?


I love this series!

Languages: In what Western European country is the romance language Walloon spoken?

Literary Characters: What 20th century writer has created characters Vivian Darkbllom and Blavdak Vinomori whose names are anagrams of his own name?


Pick the one that doesn’t belong. 
1.) I-90, College of William and Mary, Clint Dempsey
2.) I-75, IUPUI, Tyreke Evans
3.) I-77, Vanderbilt, Jordan Stull
4.) I-10, Grand Canyon University, Matt Ryan 

Game Two

Peace: Name one of the top 2 countries (both which are island nations) on the Global Peace Index.
Drinks: In the 1950s what was the first Kool-Aid flavor introduced to NOT be based on a fruit?
People in Government: What woman has held the highest ranking in presidential history? This question is abbreviated…there may be more to it.
TV Spinoffs: In seasons 3 and 4 of Perfect Strangers what was the woman’s first name who was the elevator operator whose family would be later given a spinoff that had a memorable next door neighbor?
Racing: Name the 2017 drivers champion in one of the following: NASCAR, Formula One or Indycar
Mascots: What advertising mascot in 1963 had a cardboard tray for a hat, a paper drink cup for a nose and a belt which contained its signature items
2010s films: 3 of the 7 highest grossing films in 2016 had ‘OO” in their titles: Zootopia and Deadpool are 2 of them. Name the third film.
Medical Firsts: In 1885, a person with last name Meister was given the first vaccination by Louis Pasteur for what viral disease, which he never developed?
Collaborations: Name one of the two artists who collaborated on the reggae album 44/876. 44 is the country code for the U.K and 876 is the area code for Jamaica, which are the 2 countries where the artists are from.
State Borders: Name 1 of the 2 largest US states by total area that only border 3 other states. (We didn’t listen carefully that is was total area, we were doing LAND area)
Mystery – Identify the music artist based on the hit songs released the year they appeared on film.
1.) 2002 If I were a Boy, Formation
2.) 2006 I’m with you, Girlfriend
3.) 2013 Fly Away, Lady
4.) 1992 My Love is Your Love, It’s Not Right But It’s OK
Final Category – Presidents
Final Question: Each of the four given clues have an answer that is also the last name of a US president. Place all four answers in order of when that president served.
1.) Lead singer of the song MMMBop
2.) Capital of the 34th most populous US state
3.) Single named MTV VJ from the 90s who now hosts a show on the Fox business channel
4.) Bill Murray’s biggest regret according to a quote from the move Zombieland

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