Praise The HVAC Gods!

We had our 25-year-old furnace and A/C unit replaced today. Now the temperature is going down, I’m sticking a bit less to my leather recliner (TMI, I know…I know) and you wouldn’t even know the contractors were here! We joined Costco just so that we could reap the benefits of being “executive members” by getting increased cash back/rebates on big purchases. The contractors performing the work were Pat Walters & Sons of Ypsilanti, MI. I’d highly recommend them! My dad, husband and I hung out here the whole time, and watched three Steve Martin movies back-to-back (my dad is a big Steve Martin fan, as are my husband and I). Those movies were Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Bowfinger and Sgt. Bilko.  In addition to being a Steve Martin fan, my dad is even bigger of a fan of being able to eyeball a new heating/cooling unit – which is why he came over to join us! He is kind of a “gearhead…” And he got to share the “ahhh” moment when everything started cooling down.


It was a tight squeeze getting in here to take this photo! Our furnace/water heater/sump pump are all located underneath our basement stairs. The area is about as roomy as a New York City studio apartment. A guy taller than me (IKR) was able to maneuver behind this thing to show us the MERV filter, which was quite…impressive!


As you can see, there is not much space between the furnace and the wall.


The poor water heater was feeling left out with the new furnace getting all of the attention, so here’s a photo of that!


My husband cringed when I said I was naming it “Annie.”
Annie-Lennox1-1024x774.jpgAnnie Lennox of the Eurythmics. Did you know the other half of the Eurythmics’ duo David A. Stewart was married to Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama for a few years? And Siobhan Fahey was later a part of a girl group called Shakespears (sic) Sister?  Did you think you would be able to read one of my blogs without learning some useless trivia? Perish the thought!


Siobhan Fahey of Shakespears Sister, a musical duo which also included Marcella Detroit, who co-wrote Eric Clapton’s hit song “Lay Down Sally.” Their top charting single was “Stay,” which topped the UK charts for eight weeks, and peaked at #4 on the U.S. charts.

Sweet dreams are made of being able to sleep without having a minimum of two fans pointed at you! Who am I to disagree?


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