Trivia Recap – March 25, 2014 – Aubree’s Pizzeria and Grill (Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti)

We shook up our trivia routine a bit Monday by playing Sporcle Trivia Nights With Rachel Sue at Aubree’s “South” since our regular venue ABC Microbrewery is not offering trivia this week. Special thanks to new players Carolyn and Melanie for helping us out (you guys were a big help on the vodka question), and of course thanks to “regulars” Heb, Mike, Brad, Dave, Joel and Brenan. Some of the questions may have been edited for brevity and laziness on the part of the recap writer, who referred to google and other Internet sites to fill in the blanks when necessary. Mixed results for us, $10 second place finish in game one, no prize for game two (Aubree’s does not offer third place prizes). Still a fun, if not slightly chaotic night for our slightly insane team…
On to the questions:
1. TV themes – What cartoon series’ theme song lyrics include, grab your backpack, lets go, jump in and vamonos?
2. NBA players – David Robinson spent his entire pro career with what NBA team? Nice work Brad and Dave.
3. Actresses – Named Hollywood’s “Queen of Comedy” by “Elle” magazine, what actress appeared in “The Cable Guy,” “40-year-old Virgin” and “17 Again?” Initially a stumper, but Dave and newbie Carolyn put their heads together for the right answer.
4. Important jobs – Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Kurt Waldheim and Javier Pèrez de Cuèllar all previously held what position? Nice work again, team.
5. Guitarists – What famous guitar-smashing musician smashed the neck of his guitar on a low ceiling at a London tavern in 1967? Nailed it.
6. Africa – In what four-letter nation is Timbuktu located?
7. James Bond – FB clue about Live and Let Die. Too lazy to recreate this convoluted question…
8. Science! – Also known as cerumen, what substance present in humans and other mammals acts as a protective barrier against bacteria, fungus and water? Blew this one…yea Sporcle for coming up with a challenging science question!
9. Abbreviations – What does CPI stand for? There was much more to the question, but this was the basic gist of it.
10. Bored games – How many blank tiles are there in a standard Scrabble set?

Mystery – Musicians talking about other musicians – ID the artist based on the song lyrics
1. “I hope Neil Young will remember.”
2. “You take the grey skies out of my way/You make the sunshine brighter than Doris Day…”
3. “Frank Zappa and the Mothers/ Were at the best place around…”
4. “Cobain, can you hear the spheres/Singing songs off station to station…”

Missed #2 and #4. Tough round.

Twelve teams were playing, including More Beer Less Pants and our team, we finished round one with 59 points, MBLP finished with 60. Oh so close…

Final category: Wars –

What war, known for the medical work of Florence Nightengale and Mary Seacole, was the first to be documented extensively via photographs and written documents? The U.S. was not involved in this war.

One of our players claims to be a veteran of this war, so this was an easy one. Reincarnation is a freaky thing…

We finished in second with $10, MBLP finished with $20. There were some poor sports who decided to celebrate the occasion by booing. Channel your energy into making your team better, folks!

Round two:
1. Owners – Marge Schott was the controversial owner of what MLB team and was known for making racial slurs against Jews, the Japanese and African-American in addition to proclaiming support for Nazi policies? Nice work again Dave…
2. Audio clue – From a movie none of us saw.
3. Cookies – In 2014, what cookie brand released a new line of flavors including root beer float, dulce de leche and mint chocolate chip? Nope. Picked wrong cookie for 5.
4. Tourist attractions – LaBrea Tar Pits are located in which of the following states – California, Arizona, New Mexico or Utah? Did not need the multiple choice.
5. English history – Henry VII and Richard III were the last two combatants in what major conflict?
6. TV actors – What well known actor appeared in the following series that all lasted only one season – “Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip,” “Sydney,” and “Go On?” Apparently this actor was not well-known for us to have a clue. Nor were the TV shows…
7. Alphabet – What is the only letter of the Greek alphabet to begin with the letter “i”?
8. Albums – What John Mellencamp album features the songs “Small Town,” “Lonely Ol Night” and “ROCK in the USA?” Hint: shares name with a “Wizard of Oz” character.
9. Adverts – What vodka brand’s TV ad features a woman at the checkout fantasizing about two men named Papier and Plastique? Our two “drunk girls” Carolyn and Melanie knew this one, but we had to re-rack.
10. Big Cats – After the tiger and the lion, what is the largest of the “big cats?” Choices: cheetah, cougar, leopard or puma? Our zoologist Brad did not need the multiple choice….


Round two sunk us a bit, we finished in third with 55 points, behind another team whose name I don’t remember with 58, and MBLP with a perfect 63 points. Final standings did not change after the final question.

TV – What series, which aired from 1998 to 2007, was the last live action series debuting in the ’90s to end its run? We put down “Everybody Loves Raymond” and got it right, but another answer was also considered correct, cannot remember what it was…alas, not enough to get us more prize money. Oh well. At least one of the other “regular” Aubree’s teams got the $10 instead of us, invaders that we were and all…

This was game two of our “double header” for the week. Details on the other game TBA. Go Pods!

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