A Very Early Trivia Game Recap! From This Day in 2013…

Editor’s note: This was posted on my Facebook timeline five years ago today. It’s one of the first game recaps I ever posted! A little something from the “archives” for y’all, lol…This would be kind of how an “audio” recap would be, which is something I’ve thought about doing (if only I would get around to actually buying a digital voice recorder). I could test them out on the team’s Facebook page to see if they actually got any traffic. If the audio recaps (which I would call PODcasts for my trivia team Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods) failed to get any clicks, I could still have PLENTY of fun with an audio recorder, I’m sure! 🙂

Hell, if we had to come in second place to the same team tonight twice playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at Red Rock Downtown BBQ, coming in as the Scottie Pippens to the #8 Barack Obama: Zombie Hunters (aka the Michael Jordans) – well, it could be worse. Went home with a total of 117 league points on a night we had only planned to spend previously earned gift certificates, came home with $20 more. First round final had to list two letters that do not belong to the first letters of any country in the world. Easy, got it right. Second round final a little more challenging, had to list every weapon used in the board game “Clue.” Also got that one right. Shining points/MVP awards: John, who knew what band was originally called “The New Yardbirds,” even though only one original Yardbird wound up being in that band (we were torn between the band he mentioned and Derek and the Dominoes) Mike, for knowing which country the island Surtsey (sp?) belongs to (a volcanic island). Heather, the token chick on the team, knew the name of which ’95 film featured Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson even though she’d never seen the movie (certain knowledge must just be ingrained, it’s always good to have a gender mix on a trivia team). Also kudos to Brad and Mike for knowing precisely which number was on the side of Herbie’s car in the “Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded” movie. We jest of course, it would be Herbie Fully Loaded”, “The Love Bug” and “Herbie Goes Bananas” (even though our joke title is not totally inaccurate, if you’ve read anything about Lohan’s well-documented problems during the filming of the “Herbie” remake). Mystery rounds had to determine whether something was Pokemon or a prescription drug, got all of those right; second round visual mystery round had to ID bands based on visual clues, got most of those right. Go Pods!

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