A Quiz About Irish People, Places and Things…

We did not play in any trivia games Saturday and opted to partake of drinking instead of thinking on the lovely St. Patrick’s Day holiday. We assure you that we were NOT thinking too hard! It took all of our brainpower to figure out how to fit all of our heads into this silly selfie (Ellen DeGeneres, eat your heart out)… 




All of that said, here is a question set about Irish people, places and things let’s see how much YOU know about the “Emerald Isle…” Bonus point opportunities with each question!
1. Grammy Winners – Irish rock group U2 leads the pack of Irish artists who have been nominated for or have won Grammy Awards. Which other multiple Grammy winning Irish group had its first Grammy win at the 1993 Grammy Awards for best traditional folk album and best contemporary folk album? To clarify, both of these albums were released in 1992. For an extra bonus point, name either the Grammy winning U2 song or album that has the most words in their titles.
2. Surnames – What is the most common surname in Ireland, which translates to “sea battlers?” Bonus (also a hint) – name the multiple Emmy winning comedy series (debuting in the 1980s) in which this name appears in the title?
3. Playwrights – What Irish playwright holds the distinction of being the first person to have been awarded a Nobel Prize (for literature) and an Academy Award (best writing/screenplay)? Bonus – name any one of his other works besides the one for which he was awarded these prizes.
4. Breweries – Within five, in what year was the Guinness Brewery founded? Bonus – which one of the following Guinness varieties is the fake? Guinness Blonde, Guinness Zero ABV, Guinness Extra Dark, or Guinness Red? Note: not all of these are distributed in the U.S.
5. Phrases – What two-word English phrase is commonly used to describe the violence in Northern Ireland? Bonus – the Europa Hotel in Belfast was once known for being the most (blank) hotel in the world?
6. Movies – What 1998 film about a deceased lottery winner is set in the fictional Irish town of Tulaigh Mhór? Bonus – on what real-life island, located in the Irish Sea, was this movie filmed?
7. Islands – What resort island located in Lake Michigan is nicknamed “America’s Emerald Isle?” Bonus – What Northern Michigan city runs a chartered ferry to this island?
8. Counties – What Irish county shares its name with a specific type of rhyming poem (usually obscene in nature)? Bonus – how many lines does this poem traditionally have?
9. Musical Groups – What Irish group recorded the 1979 UK hit song ‘I Don’t Like Mondays?” Bonus – who was this band’s lead singer?
10. Cultures – What six-word name commonly describes an ethnolinguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe and also its language? Bonus – What short-lived 1997 TV series starring Heath Ledger chronicled the lives of these people? Extra super duper bonus – In what city does a professional football team of this same name (i.e. soccer) play its home games?

Mystery – Before And After
1. Female Irish pop singer and name of title character in the movie “Highlander”
2. Actress known for “Kate and Allie” and “McMillan and Wife” and official name of brewery founded by Arthur Guinness
3. National League West MLB team and area in Northern Ireland area consisting of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns (see picture above)
4. Irish landmark commonly kissed for luck by tourists and natural Georgia landmark featuring the faces of three Confederate figures
Give yourselves two points for each correct answer!
Final Category – Irish Counties
Name all four Irish counties that share names with counties in the state of Michigan.

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