Winners of Best Animated Feature Oscars

We recently had a trivia question in which we had to name single-word titles of films that had won the Oscar for best animated feature. Since we knew that it had to be 2001 or later, that helped us narrow down our choices a bit! We didn’t get QUITE all of the answers that were needed, but we managed to get 75 percent on this round of questions!

Pixar appears to be a dominant force in the list, with Pixar films snagging seven best animated feature Oscars. Disney and Dreamworks have both won three each. My prediction for this year’s animated feature winner will either be Ferdinand (Blue Sky), or Coco (Disney/Pixar). But what the hell do I know? I have only seen five of the movies on this list (I don’t have kids, or that number would be much, much higher, lol), and WALL-E is my favorite of the ones I’ve seen. The soundtrack impressed me enough to buy it (and not JUST because it used a Peter Gabriel song in the closing credits called “Down To Earth”), and the robot love storyline – intertwined with the cautionary tale about humans throwing away too much crap – oh yeah, also Fred Willard is in it. Others on this list that I really liked include Shrek (though I liked its sequel Shrek 2 better), Rango and The Incredibles, but was pretty “meh” about the movie Up. My favorite character in The Incredibles was the fashion designer whom was apparently based upon legendary real-life fashion designer Edith Head – whom still holds the record for most Oscars won (8) for fashion design and 35 nominations. The most recent film for which she won the fashion design was The Sting, which won the Oscar for best picture.


Edna Mode in The Incredibles, whom was based on real-life fashion designer Edith Head.


And here’s the list…

Best Animated Feature Oscar Winners Since 2001

Domestic box office grosses will be in red, worldwide box office grosses will be in blue. A double asterisk will denote those films that grossed more than $1B worldwide.

2001- Shrek (Dreamworks) – $267M, $484M


A scene from Shrek 2, which I think was the best of the franchise, mainly because Jennifer Saunders as the fairy godmother stole the show (imho).

2002 – Spirited Away (Toho) – $11.2M, $276.1M

2003 – Finding Nemo (Pixar) – $380.8M, $940.3M

2004 – The Incredibles (Pixar) – $261.4M, $633.0M

2005 – Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Dreamworks) – $56.1M, $136.4M

2006 – Happy Feet (Village Roadshow) – $198.0M, $384.3M

2007 – Ratatouille (Pixar) – $206.4M, $620.7M

2008 – WALL-E (Pixar) – $223.8M, $533.2M

2009 – Up (Pixar) – $293.0M, $735.0M

**2010 – Toy Story 3 (Pixar) – $415.0M, $1.06B

2011 – Rango (Nickelodeon) – $123.4M, $245.7M

2012 – Brave (Pixar) – $237.2M, $540.4


Merida in Brave, whom was voiced by Scottish actress Kelly MacDonald, whose picture I recently used in a blog about Valentine’s Day music!

**2013 – Frozen (Disney) – $400.7M, $1.2B

2014 – Big Hero 6 (Disney) – $222.5M, $657.8M

2015 – Inside Out (Dreamworks) – $356.4M, $857.6M

**2016 – Zootopia (Disney) – $341.2M, $1.02B

2017 – Coco (Pixar), $209.7M, $807.0M


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