Trivia Recap – November 2, 2017- Wurst Bar


From Season 3 of ‘The Simpsons,” the episode is called “Bart the Lover.” The kids get all obsessed with yo-yos after a school assembly, and poor Mrs. Krabappel gets fed up!

It’s an odd trivia night indeed when players step outside their “wheelhouses” of knowledge and score a home run! It was the night for John, whose expertise normally lies in the realm of science, technology, food (he is a “foodie”), occasionally country music, and computers/Internet – not the guy we lean on when we get asked about sports! He humbly brushed it off, saying it was more of a Chicago question than a sports question. Hey…learn to take a compliment 😉 ! We finished in first for the night with 64 points going into the final about music duos. The particular duo they asked about is one I know quite a lot about, thanks to my mom, who bought nearly every album in their discography in their heyday! Read on to find out what those questions were as well as the rest of the questions!
Round One
1. TV – What spinoff of a Japanese series features competitors navigating increasingly more difficult obstacle courses in an attempt to reach a national competition on Las Vegas’ Sunset Strip? Brad and Mike for the points here.
2. Actors – What nickname did Edward Reinhold take from his father, who was a trial lawyer? We chuckled a bit about other possibilities besides the right answer….bailiff, court reporter, hung jury, death sentence (those silly ‘Pods)!
3. Olympics – What do the letters IM stand for in the Olympic swimming event? Brad goes for the gold here. When oh when will the team need me for an answer? Spoiler – pretty soon! Only they didn’t happen to write it on the slip (d’oh).
Round Two
1. Toys – What yo-yo trick involves giving a quick tug after extending it into a long “slinker” along the ground? And then Brad started reminiscing about other yo-yo tricks he used to do as a kid. Ah memories! Here’s a pic of the trick…

2. U.S. Cities – What third most populous city in Ohio is referred to as “queen city?” Brad’s jacket may have helped give away the answer to other players, lol…
3. Holidays – Observed December 26 to January 1, what holiday honors African heritage? For an extra three-point bonus, which Gulf Coast city hosts the oldest “carnivale” in the United States – 15 years older than New Orleans’? I had right guess, but we didn’t take the risk…(to be fair, I really wasn’t sure…).
Round Three
1. Food – What type of preserves distinguishes itself from jam by using the fruit’s peels and is most commonly made with oranges?
2. Products – Widely consumed throughout the world, two-thirds of what product is mainly grown in West Africa, with about half of that coming from C’ote D’ivoire? Yes, I’m being snobby here and using the French name for “Ivory Coast.” A lot of discussion, and even discussed the right answer! Our first miss of the night.
3. Human Body – What digestive/endocrine organ’s name is derived from the Greek words for “all flesh” because of its fleshy appearance? Brad got this one quickly.
Halftime – List the most populous cities in the following states:
Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, Vermont
Missed Missouri…dammit!
Halftime Scores: Ten teams, scores 22 to to 32 with the ‘Pods in first. Tongue Twisters were right behind us with 30 points, and Pants Team behind them with 28 points.
Round Four
1. Baseball – What MLB pitcher has the record for most home runs given up in a career? Newsletter clue.
2. Sports Jinxes – What animal was brought into Wrigley Field by a local tavern owner in 1945, which supposedly caused a 71-year curse on the Cubs after the animal’s owner was asked to escort the animal out of the stadium? John remembered reading about this…
3. TV – What TV show features “Everybody Loves Raymond” actress Patricia Heaton and actor Neil Flynn and was recently renewed for a ninth season? A whole lotta “duh” here, miss for 2.
Round Five
1. Video Games – What video game series features characters named Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander? I misheard the first creature’s name, mistaking the “Bs for a “Vs.” Then hilarity ensued…We did get this right, however!
2. Bridges – What bridge, as of 2016, carries the most vehicle traffic in the world, at 103 million vehicles per year? Had right city, picked wrong bridge…
3. History – Who was appointed minister of France in 1778? This question is abbreviated.
Round Six
1. Disney – What 1995 movie spawned a straight-to-video sequel called “Journey to the New World?” Yay, my first “solo” hit of the night. Besides Burlington, VT.
2. Objects – What two words appear at the bottom of a standard Ouija board (besides “no” and “yes”)? The “boys” all teamed up well here…
3. Conditions – What is the more common name for the skin condition ephelides?
Finished round with 64 points.
Scores leading into the final: Ten teams, scores 46 to 64, with us in first. Pants Team was right behind us with 60, and the Tongue Twisters had 52 points.
Final Category – Music – According to Billboard, which musical duo has had the most hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? I knew this one instantly, but had to argue my case against another duo who recorded most of their stuff a bit earlier than this duo. A lot of teams wound up guessing the “other” duo, according to Stacy.
Final Scores: Sam’s Club, 92 (way go jump up from last), Tongue Twisters, 99 and ‘Pods, 121. We’ll be hitting up the Sporcle Live scene at  Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan tonight. Look for a recap of that game Friday afternoon. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, William Sianis!

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