Trivia Recap – Sporcle Live League Championship – Aug. 7, 2017 – 59 West

It’s time to write the final chapter of the Sporcle Live spring/summer 2017 season, which came to a close Sunday at different trivia spots in several different states. For us, the chapter came to a close at 59West Banquet Center in Highland. It was our highest performing Sporcle Live finals ever – with us logging 54 points going into the half – and into the final, for a total of 108 points, heading into the final (more details about that if you read on). No prize money, but so, so close! We had put together a completely different lineup – with myself ( Heb, aka Heather), Mike, Brad from the ‘Pods – and “guest stars” Kevin from ABC Microbrewery team Ennui, and newcomer Evan, who plays on the “Trump 2020” team from Sticks. Evan sent a message to me on Friday asking if we still needed players for Sunday, and I said “Welcome aboard!” Needless to say, we all teamed up very well on the questions!! Usually our tournament benchmark is to get at least 35 points per game! Game two was particularly kind to us, we were able to use our 10, 9 and 8 point slips on questions 1-3! And the questions…
Game One
1. Sports Video Games – Originally released in 1993, the arcade game “NBA Jam” featured 27 teams, each represented by two players. Only one of those teams was represented by two players who are now in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Name that team. 4
2. U.S. Cities – As of the 2010 Census, the cities of Warwick, Cranston and Pawtucket are the three most populous non-capital cities in what U.S. state? 10
3. Hybrids – Tayberry and loganberry are fruit hybrids that are a cross between what other two fruits? 2
4. Songs from Musicals – Name four of the five animals as mentioned in a song from “The Sound of Music” called “My Favorite Things.” I need to to my own version of this song, lol…it would be quite different from this one! Missed this for 1.
5. Chemistry- What is the name for the process of the transformation from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid first? 9
6. Currency – The official currency of Liechtenstein is the same as the official currency of what other country? A lot of debate, but got this for 7.
7. Movie Links – What literary character was featured in a 1966 Academy Award nominated film and also in a 2002 Academy Award Nominated film? Both films were nominated for best picture, but did not win. Miss for 3.Who’s afraid of questions about nominated movies, anyway? 🙂
8. Reality TV – Skeletons, Go Big or Go Home and Bad Blood are subtitles of what reality series? Miss for 5. I initially suggested “Biggest Loser,” lol…
9. Treaties – In 1991, the U.S. and Soviet Union signed a bilateral treaty known by the acronym START – what did the letter A stand for? 6
10. Commercial Cameos – In 2017, Alan Ruck made an appearance in a commercial for Domino’s Pizza that parodied a scene from what 1980s film? 8
Mystery – Give the first and last names of the following people – whose combined initials will be a 1998 TV series.
1. Co-author of “The Communist Manifesto” along with Karl Marx
2. Notable person, subject of impressions on SNL by Mike Myers in 1994, Mark McKinney in 1995 and Will Forte in 2008
3. Character played by Michael Landon on “Little House on the Prairie.” We were actually talking about this series on the way to this game! I recently read some “behind the scenes” dirt about this series…Landon liked sporting moose knuckle by going commando to show off his crotch, and took every opportunity to show off his chest. Oh yeah, and he wore lifts in his shoes…and he was a 4-pack-a day smoker, though that wasn’t one of the facts I remember from that post.
4. Singer whose version of a song “How do I Live’ only peaked at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts
Nice teamwork – especially on #2, which we got at the last second, Evan said, “What about (this U.S. event),” and Brad came up with the name we needed. Bam! Nice, guys!
We were in third with 54 points heading into the final, right behind Teamy McTeamface, who had 56 points and What the Shibboleth, who had 61 points.
Game Two
1. Title Characters – Fred and Lamont are the first names of what title TV characters? I had a dream a few years ago about Lamont…true story. And I’ve never even really watched the show! 10
2. Presidents and Sports – Who was president of the U.S. when the first Super Bowl was played? 9
3. Books – Who is referenced in the title of a 1982 novella by Stephen King but not referenced in the title of the flm it inspired more than a decade later? My “triviagasm” moment… 8
4. Brands – Clinique, Origins and Aveda are all brands owned by what company co-founded in 1946 by a woman and her husband? Miss for 3
5. Space Terms – What is the two-word term for the boundary marking limits of a black hole where the escape velocity at this boundary is equal to the speed of light, meaning nothing inside the boundary is able to escape? I really, really hope I transcribed this question correctly! Got this for 7
6. Acting Pairs – Bruce Willis and Michael Clarke Duncan appeared together in four theatrically released films, all released within seven years of each other. Evan and I teamed up with success here, but for only 2.
7. Island Nations – The smallest sovereign nation in the Western Hemisphere is made up of two islands separated by a two-mile wide channel known as “The Narrows.” Name that country. A bit of debate, but got it for 5.
8. TV Movies – In January, 1993, ABC and CBS both aired different TV movies about the same person, who was played by Drew Barrymore in one and Alyssa Milano in the other. So many controversial women from this time…picked the wrong one for 4.
9. Song Titles – The Supremes, Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey have all had number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts that have titles ending in what word – which is also the ending word of #1 hits by Rick Astley and Janet Jackson? When you figure Rick Astley really only had a couple of big hits, this was pretty easy… 6
10. Award Winners – Name one of the two people who have won a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award. Discussed both of the correct people. Usually we discuss two and pick the wrong one at a tournament! 1 point..
Mystery – Movie Quotes – Identify the movie based on the following Ben Affleck quotes
1. When I think of my wife, I always think of the back of her head
2. JLMKPOETX – Eyes like an eagle, ma’am
3. Justice isn’t a sin, Father…
4. I spend all day working and all night with my kid
Missed #3. We were obviously blind to the correct answer…
Scores 41, Jerry’s Kids, 61; 40, 2151 Jump Street, 62;39,Tribe Called Question, 67; 37, Dirty Mike and Boys/Big Butts/Bigger Hearts, 68; 35, Earth Taco Cat/ Umpires Strike Back, 70; 34, Endless Tantric Lovemaking With Bob Costas, 73; 33, Crumbums, 74; 32, Funderland/Muggle Robots/Killing Time/Lannister Debts/Win Lose Banana, 75; 27, We Don’t Always Say (?), 77; 26, Group W Bench, 78; 24, Better Late Than Never/Performance Enhancing Hugs, 79; 23, We Came for the Snack Pack, 81; 21, Hungry, Hungry Hippos/Eberwits Featuring the No-Talent Ass Clowns, 83; 19, Polish Mafia/Kony 2020; 18, Jesus Chris Superstar, 86; 16, Cricket’s Tal/Strangers in the Alps, 87; 14, Space Tacos/One is the Loneliest Number, 94; 13, Cool People and Jeff, 96; 12, Cunning Stunts, 99; 11, Resting Bitch Face, 101; 8, Little Lebowski Urban Achievers/Average Joe’s/Tuckman Marsh, 103; 7, Hoof Hearted, 104; 6, Farm Fresh Eggs, 106; 5, ‘Pods, 108; 4, Squints, 109; 3, Prune Tracy, 110; 2, Teamy McTeamface, 115; and 1, What the Shibboleth, 117.
Final Category – Television
We wagered 12 on this question as a compromise between a couple of people who wanted to wager zero – and a couple who wanted to go all in – and one who just wanted to split the difference.
Name one of two current (currently in production) scripted television shows airing for 220 episodes or more that have had new episodes airing on different/multiple networks.
Farm Fresh Eggs wound up in first, taking the $1,500 prize. Unsure who rounded out the top five, there were some tiebreakers. deciding a couple of the other spots. The top finishers:

1st- $1500) Farm Fresh Eggs– 135 Points (League Champion)
2nd Tie- $625) The Squints– 134 Points
$625) Hoof Hearted– 134 Points
4th – $150) Little Lebowski Urban Achievers– 133 Points
5th – $100) Average Joe’s– 133 Points

Well that’s it for a bit! We’ll be taking a break from Sporcle Live games until after Labor Day. At least for any “team” games. A soloist might be able to pop in for a game or two in the interim. We’ll see! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Amy Fisher, Lorena Bobbitt and Tonya Harding (what a roster of bad girls we had making headlines in the early 1990s, LOL)…

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