Trivia Recap – July 26, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill (Venue Tournament)

Ahh, it’s “Venue Tournament” week. In the Sporcle Live pub trivia universe, this means it’s the week where all the trivia teams battle for a spot in the “finals,” or “League Championship” as it is referred to in “Sporcle-ese.” This week, teams who have been playing in a spot all season – or at least for half of the games – hope to be the last team standing at the top of the heap when the game is done. Sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to sit in on a venue tournament when you have nothing on the line – and are not trying to win a spot. Or, maybe even join forces with another team, as I did about a year ago today with team Betty Ford Rejects at Patrick J’s Irish Pub, with a team headed by Ryan. Though I had only planned to hang out with my old friend Amy that night, I was recruited last minute to join Ryan’s team in their venue tournament since one of their players bailed last minute. This particular night in 2016 ended up happy for Betty Ford Rejects, who wound up winning a “finals” spot at the end of the night. Fast-forward a year, and I decided to visit Johnny’s Grill in Belleville, a bar my team played in for just enough games to qualify. My husband Mike and I had just wrapped up a short vacation “Up North,” and while he wrapped up some last minute work at home, I ventured out to Johnny’s to sit in on the game – and see who would take “the” spot. (Drum roll) More Beer Less Pants wound up winning the tournament spot, so congratulations to them! I had no “team” to bandy answer possibilities with, so read on to see how I did on these questions by my slightly weary self after a more than 300-mile drive home from Rogers City, MI!
Game One
1. State Borders – Which U.s. state borders New York, New Hampshire and Quebec? Thankfully this is a topic I’ve been trying to learn as of late, got this for 10.
2. Film Titles – What 2009 film starring Morgan Freeman and directed by Clint Eastwood is the only Clint Eastwood film beginning with the letter “I?” 9
3. Hawaii – What kind of nut tree, introduced in the 1880s when brought over from Australia, is now one of Hawaii’s most popular products? Not confident, but got this for 4.
4. Uniforms – In an apparent violation of MLB uniform rules, what object has appeared on uniforms for the Brewers, Mets, Twins, Angels, Yankees, Phillies and the Blue Jays? Went in wrong direction here, miss for 2.
5. United Nations – In which major city was the United Nations chartered in 1945? And the reason I knew this one is because of “Star Trek.” Seriously, it is – that, and a reasonable guess , but for only 3. I was “saving” my one point slip for the next question…
6. Country Singers – What country singer had several hits in the 1990s including “Livin’ It Up,” “Carrying Your Love With Me,” “Lead On,” and “Blue Clear Sky?” Nope, miss for 1.
7. Literary Titles – In the title of his essay published in 1849, what type of disobedience does write Henry David Thoreau refer to? 8
8. The Human Body – Which organ recycles old red blood cells? I had a list of possible organs written down, with many of them crossed off. And of course the organ I didn’t write down turned out to be the answer….
9. TV on TV – Inspector Spacetime is a show-within-a-show on what NBC series, and is inspired by “Doctor Who?” Picked wrong nerdy show, miss for 7.
10. Livestock – Name two of the three countries home to the largest number of sheep. For an extra bonus point, name all three. Only managed to get one…Baaahhh…. miss for 6.
Mystery – Vowel Initials – Correct answers will be people whose first and last names start with vowels.
1. Actor who played Al Bundy and Jay Pritchett
2. Better known name of Phoebe Ann Mosey, born in 1860, known for her sharpshooting skills
3. Dallas Cowboys running back drafted #6 overall in the 2016 NFL draft (pssst…it’s NOT Aaron O’Rodgers….)
4. Monty Python member who wrote the lyrics for “Spamalot.”
Missed #3. Sportsball!
Scores – Teddy’s Team, 25; Spice is Nice, 27; Slick Rock Rumble, 33; Old Folks Rule, 34; Hoops, 36; ‘Pods/Mediocre, 43; And then There was Fun, 45; Lauren, 46; You’re Killing Me Smalls, 50; and MBLP, 60.
Final Category – Unions
What does the letter C stand for in AFL/CIO?
Nope, wagered and missed.
Teddy’s Team and And Then There Was Fun were tied for second with 45 after the final, MBLP remained at the top with 70 points.
Game Two
1. TV Actors – Jackie Gleason played Ralph Kramden on what TV series? 10
2. Games – In a popular role-playing game from the 1970s, what is the name given to the game organizer, who has the initials DM? 9
3. Central America – Which Central American country does not border the Caribbean? Missed this, but would not have missed had Mike been able to come…4 points.
4. Animals – Despite being an amphibian, what animal’s name comes from the Greek word for fire lizard? Hiccuped a bit here, but came up with right guess for 2.
5. Film Pairs – Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone appeared together in “Rocky IV” and again 25 years later in what film?
6. Racing – In NASCAR, what does the white flag symbolize? And for an extra “nerd” point, in what year did NASCAR debut? Got both parts correct, but only for 1.
7. Explorers – What Danish explorer, who has a sea and a strait named for him, claimed Alaska for Russia? I overheard someone sitting across from me at the bar say this answer out loud. But I didn’t object…she said, “But everyone’s going to get this.” Yay, I get an explorers question right! I always guess Magellan when it’s not…and don’t guess Magellan when it’s supposed to be Magellan! But would not have have done so in this case!
8. Diner Slang – In American diner slang, what dessert is sometimes referred to as “fish eyes?” I was really stumped here. I even drew a fish with eyes, hoping it would inspire me. It didn’t….miss for 3.
9. Hall of Famers – Before this question was read, I was holding my 5 and 6 point slips and thinking this one would be about sports and that I’d really f—ed myself here. But alas, it was NOT about sports…What Canadian singer/songwriter was inducted twice into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame – once as a solo artist in 1995 – and again in 1997 as a member of Buffalo Springfield? Yay six points on a question I was worried would be about sports!
10. Competitions – What pizza chain founded in 1960 has hosted an annual “fastest pizza maker” competition since 1982? 5
Mystery – Crosswords
1. Five letters – name of Dorothy Hamill’s haircut and name for one of six simple machines
2. Five letters – Collective noun for group of giraffes and type of heist in 2011 Eddie Murphy film
3. Six letters – Last name of the lead character in the “Aliens” franchise, and last name of character played by Matt Damon in a 1999 film
4. Seven letters – Hair hair company known for Pro-V products
Got all of these.
Scores: Spice is Nice, 21; Slick Rock, 39; Old Folks Rule, 42; And Then There Was Fun, 56; ‘Pods, 57; Hoops, 58; Lauren, 60; Smalls, 60; and MBLP, 64.
Final Category – Scientific Research
Flo, Faben and Frodo were all test subjects of what 20th Century scientist?
I was born between two scientists who both studied similar creatures, picked the wrong one.
And now my lame attempt at a Yelp review…This is likely the last time we’ll be playing here for a while. The shows here have been kind of running on the longish side, which doesn’t exactly jibe with my 6 a.m. work schedule! I will say I do like most of the music played by this host, who is not doing a bad job…but a nearly three hour commitment to a weeknight game I have to drive 20 minutes to play is a bit much! And I don’t have anything bad to say about the bar, especially the vodka collins drinks Drea has mixed for me before! I hope this trivia scene continues to thrive out here, even if it isn’t going to be a good spot for us to play.
Game winners: Smalls, 60; MBLP, ???(my notes are fuzzy here, unsure what their total was). Until next time, which will be The Wurst Bar tonight with Stacy. This will be a very special “girls night” of trivia tonight, I am giving the “guys” the night off so they can help out Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. for our venue tournament. Go GDX! And stay classy…whomever it was who killed Dian Fossey!

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