Trivia Recap – June 23, 2017 – Original Gravity

The ‘Pods, represented by an “Army of One,” hit up the Sporcle Live trivia scene Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan. One of our teammates is vacationing in Ohio, and a couple of others were having a “guy bonding night” watching “Archer” reruns and drinking beer. So me, the only available player, soldiered on, and surprisingly, did not embarrass the team TOO much! Sure, it wasn’t too nice missing seven points on an 8-bit audio clue question, or having to wager zero on a sports final that one of the absent players would have easily known. These things happen! No prizes, finished with a respectable 117 points for the night, got the final right in game one. Yes, I got a final question right! Small victories! And how about those questions?
Game One
1. Rap Artists – Born in 1993, what is the stage name of the rapper who won the Grammy Award for best new artist in 2017 and was born Chancellor Jonathan Bennett? Nope…miss for 1.
2. MLB – What is the most recent MLB team to win back-to-back World Series championships? Miss for 2.
3. Slogans – In 1994, what technolgoy company used the slogan, “Where do you want to go?” Nope, miss for 3.
4. Presidents (now THAT’s more like it!) – Although raised in Texas, George W. Bush was born in and attended an Ivy League college in what New England State? Woot get to use my 10-point slip!
5. ’90s Movies – In the 1991 film “Father of the Bride,” what actress plays the mother of the bride? And for an extra “nerd” bonus point, for which film did she win the Oscar for best actress? Got both for 6 plus one.
6. Nutrition – A ketogenic diet restricts the intake of what macronutrients? Miss.
7. Word Origins – What word, derived from the Latin for “Kidnapper,” means the wrongful appropriation of another’s work? I had this happen to me when I worked as a reporter in 1995. Someone put THEIR byline on a story I wrote! I was furious! Is that a grudge-worthy offense?
8. Philosophy – The philosophy of Daoism originated in which Asian country?
9. Snacks- What company, which is a subsidiary of PepsiCo, produces and distributes Doritos?
10. Cartoons – What Looney Tunes character was identified by “pseudo scientific” names Carnivorous Vulgaris, Eatius Birdius and Apetitus Giganticus?
Got these last four correct, yay!
Mystery – “friend” words – all correct responses will contain the letters found in the word “friend”
1. Not the same
2. Setting for baseball diamond in 1989 Kevin Costner film
3. Part of film camera a a photographer looks through to frame the picture
4. Electromagnetic radiation wavelengths longer than those of visible light.
Brain-farted on #2 and #4.
Scores- Subaru Brother, 46; Good King Snugglewumps, 48; Whitney, 50; Team Mott/Beatrix Squiddo (aka ‘Pods), 53; Snow Spiders, 55; Champs, 56; Ride, 57; Mellows, 60; Whopper of a Big Mac, 63 and Doughut Call List, 66.
Final Category – ’90s Movies
I started writing down names of best picture winners from ’90s movies when I heard the category name. Turns out THAT was a waste of effort, considering which movie was the focus of the question!
What 1995 film that was a box office bust released a V.I.P. edition DVD that included a deck of cards, a blindfold, a lap-dance tutorial, and shot glasses?
A gift from the trivia gods…no blindfold, lap-dance tutorial or shot glasses necessary! It was just nice getting it right.
Final standings: ‘Pods/Team Mott, 73; Whopper of a Big Mac, 81 and Doughnut Call List, 86.
Game Two
1. Space Flights – In 1998, what U.S. senator became the oldest to fly in space, doing so aboard the space shuttle Discovery? 10
2. TV Intros – What appears on the license plate during the intro sequence to “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?” Never watched the show, so miss for 1.
3. The Human Body- What is the name for the smallest blood vessels in the human body? 9
4. Money – What building is depicted on the back of a $100 bill? 8
5. Classical Music – Audio clue of an 8-bit version of a classical piece, had to identify either the composer or the name of the song. And technically, the piece they played was a little too late to technically be a “classical” piece, but then maybe I am just splitting hairs because I missed it, lol…those 8-bit versions of songs can be tricksy! MISSED FOR 7.
6. Gemstones – La Pellegrina, Mary Tudor and Oriental Pride are all varieties of what gemstone? And this technically isn’t a “stone.” I am nitpicky today, hoo boy!
7. Shrek – Who swindles Shrek in “Shrek Forever After?” Miss.
8. Tennis (my prayer, “Please be about ’80s tennis” was not heard here) – What pro tennis player has won the most grand slam men’s singles championships with a total of 18? Nope, miss for 3.
9. U.S. History – Crispus Attucks is most closely associated with what 1770 event where he was the first to die at the hands of British soldiers?
10. Combinations – Chork is a combination of what two eating utensils? Never heard of this…miss for 4.
Mystery –
Got #1 and #2 correct. European maps are not a big strong point for me, Mike and Brad may have helped a bit here…
Scores – Suck it Trebek, 25; Dirt Stank, 35;; Walter, 36 Beatrix Kiddo, 44; Subaru Brothers, 46; Two teams tied with 47; Mott, 50; Doughnut Call List, 52; Team 11, Ride the Wave and Whopper of a Big Mac, 55; Snow Spiders, 60 and Champs, 63.
Final Category – Sports Teams Relocations
Wagered zero, but would have wagered the points had Brad been able to play. This is definitely one of “his” categories…sometimes I even pretend to listen when he is rattling on about this topic!
Three current major league sports franchises were previously located in San Diego before moving to their current cities.
One of them is the Los Angeles Chargers, who moved following the 2016 NFL season. Name one of the other two franchises.
Game Leaders – Snow Spiders, 60; Doughnut Call List, 72 and Champs, 83.
Our next trivia outing is TBD. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Paul Verhoeven!

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