Trivia Recap – March 7, 2017 – Maiz Mexican Cantina

The “Podd Couple” paid a visit to MAIZ Mexican Cantina for a Sporcle Live with Jessi game. Maiz is a place we played regularly in 2015 for one full season, though winning a venue tournament at the end unfortunately eluded us 😦 Though we have not attempted to play here regularly since then, it’s close to home, so we occasionally return here! The cocktails made of all Michigan-made liquors are a nice change of pace from the beer we normally swill during trivia games! Speaking of, since Maiz allows prizes to be spent the same night, our bar tab wound up being quite low. We won a first place/$15 gift card in game two, finished with 123 points for the night and 15 league points. And the questions, which were typed up by Spaceballs 3: Revenge of the Schwartz before I had a chance to do it (thank you!)… Our question set was a bit different from Spaceballs’, I will indicate any changes.
Game One
1. Candy: What sugar coated soft candy uses the slogan “Sour. Sweet. Gone?”
Memory lane time…I will NOT eat these things. The last time I ate them in 1989, I wound up getting in a car accident and getting a concussion. And when you get a concussion, well, whatever you ate earlier that day winds up… showing itself again. And that’s all I gotta say about that…got this for 4.
2. Stage Names: What is the stage name of the actress born Tara Leigh Patrick known for her roles on Baywatch as well as several parody films?
PIcked the wrong buxom girl…miss for 7. Ouch…
3. Art: Woman with a Hat which depicts his wife Emily is among the best known works by what French artist?
Asking for a French artist name is like asking for an American MLB player. Just couldn’t come up with it, miss for 2.
4. Rock Albums: What 1993 studio album by Nirvana included the singles “All Apologies” and “Heart Shaped Box” which both reached #1?
Host Jessi asked for song requests in a post before the game. A song from this album was one I requested, though she did not play this one, she did play a couple of others I requested. Got this for 10.
5. Coastlines: What country has roughly 36 miles of coastline on the Persian Gulf between Kuwait and Iran?
FB clue, 9.
6. Historical Events: Within five, in what year did the Boston Massacre occur, which resulted in the deaths of five people shot by British soldiers?
Got the year spot on. We watched a show called “Making History” Sunday night which is about a guy who uses a time machine and travels back to this time period, so this event might be something the show features in the future! 8
7. Final Episodes: “Everybody Dies,” in which it is revealed that the title character faked his own death, was the final episode of what series that aired from 2004 until 2012?
8. Movie First Names: What is the first name of Ralph Macchio’s character in the 1984 film The Karate Kid? Bonus: what is the first name of the character played by Jaden Smith in the 2010 remake?
Got the first part, not the bonus.
9. Golf: What do the letters TPC stand for in terms of the chain of golf courses run by the PGA Tour?
Good guess by Mike here.
10. Literary Characters: Dmitri, Ivan, and Alexei are siblings who share what last name in a 19th century novel by Dostoyevsky?
Mike says this title always makes him think of Russian guys in unitards doing a circus act…
Mystery Round: Add ‘Em Up – sum is 22
1. Number of princesses currently included in the official Disney Princesses franchise
2. Number of countries with common English names including the letter X
3. Number of letters in the name of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with the shortest name
4. Number of kids that Tony Soprano has
I started writing down as many Disney princesses as I could while Mike wrote down the rest of the questions. Amazingly I listed the correct number of them (with a couple of unofficial ones crossed off). My only misses was putting a female protagonist from a recent film instead of the princess who turns into a frog. And I put a description for another whose name I could not recall. Still surprising I came up with those! Girl stuff! Go figure! #shocked Photo tie in time…a REAL princess – a warrior princess! Maybe someday Disney will own Xena? I want my Disney Xena doll, dammit! My mom volunteers in a thrift store in Ypsi, she said they just got a bunch of Xena VHS tapes donated to the shop. “VHS tapes take up so much room,” my mom said. But they will sell like hotcakes!
Scores: Ten teams….scores lower 20s to 57, with Team with No Name in first. We were in third with 54 points.
Final Category: Flight
We wagered zero on this, anticipating a much, much harder question, and we get this one…
Final Question: In flight dynamics, a vehicle has three angles of rotation around its center of mass. Name two of the three.
Mike was sadly all over this (shoulda wagered).
Final Standings: ???? 67 (moved up from fifth), and Team With No Name, 77.
Game Two
1. Animals: What is the military sounding term for a group of frogs?
**Too confident on a wrong answer. Ugh, collective animal nouns! Miss.
2. 90s Sitcoms: What actor and comedian played the title character on the Larry Sanders Show? Bonus: what network did the Larry Sanders Show air on?
Got the points, not the bonus.
3. Video Games: Audio clip of video game released in 1999.
Mike and I actually teamed up here. I asked what the game his guess was about, and I said it sounded kind of “Appalachian-y.” Got it (nice work, Mike).
4. Monarchs: From 1513 until 1972, the reigning kings of Denmark used only two different names, both of which are nine letters long. Name one of them.
Whew, glad this wasn’t our question!
4. Kids’ Books – What children’s book series features a villain named Odlaw? Yup.
5. Numbers: Best known as part of a reference to a number of years, a score refers to how many items? Multiple choices given, got the points.
6. Mottos: “Friendship” is the one word motto of which south central US state?
Miss. Mike argued this is an ironic name for this state…
7. Musicians: Nicknamed “the Sound,” jazz musician Stan Getz was known for playing what instrument?
Wish this was OUR question! 😦
7. Musicians – What legendary guitarist died in a motorcycle accident in his hometown of Macon, GA in 1971? I picked a guy who is unfortunately still among the living…miss.
8. Sports Movies: Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, and Rachel McAdams appeared in what 2015 boxing film?
I saw SO many trailers for this movie!
9. Headquarters: In 2013, following extensive renovations, what online shoe retailer moved their headquarters from nearby Henderson to the former Las Vegas city hall building?
Good guess…but then, I pretty much have to buy most of my shoes online!
10. Cocktails: According to the International Bartenders Association, what cocktail is made of vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice?
And I don’t even watch “Sex and the City!” But I have had one of these…I was SO worried I’d break the glass.
Visual: Missed #4. Commence off-color jokes about the guy’s name…
Scores: Nine teams, scores 22 to 50, with Velvet Phobias in first. We were in fourth with 49. I was SO worried our final category would be sports since the sports question were pretty non-existent. So I did my little prayer to the trivia gods…”Please don’t be about sportsball.” And we get this gift from the trivia gods (thank you).
Final Category: US Presidents
Final Question: Other than those born in Virginia, only seven US presidents were ever born in one of the eleven states that made up the Confederate States of America. Name three of the seven.
Quite a few teams wound up getting this right, but some must not have wagered on it.
Final Standings: We like to Come From Behind, 60; and ‘Pods, 69. Sixty-nine, dude! Until next time, which will the Wurst Bar for our MTL game on Wednesday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Andrew Jackson!

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