Trivia Recap – Nov. 4, 2016 – Plymouth ROC

Two ‘Pods visited The Plymouth Roc Wednesday to check out its My Trivia Live scene, mainly because of the league’s bye week, and because it will be the location of the upcoming MTL semifinals on Dec. 3. We didn’t win any prizes, but managed to get “heckled” by a player sitting a couple of spots down at the bar when we audibly complained about a “Waltons” question! “Too young?” the guy said. I wanted to say “Too old?” when the same guy seemed to struggle on a question about the Talking Heads, but I did not! Anyway, I offer no apologies about not knowing anything about “The Waltons” besides the characters Grandma and John Boy and that whole “good night” routine. Really, is there anything more one needs to know about that show? Well, on this trivia night, I guess I had to know the name of its pilot episode (pffft…details). More about that question and others, read on!
Round One
1. Holidays – What holiday, celebrated on a Monday, became an official holiday in 1894? Miss for 1.
2. Navy – First launched in 1797, what U.S. Navy ship was nicknamed “Old Ironsides?” 5
3. Slogans – What company has used the slogan “We Bring Good Things to Life?” 3
Round Two
1. Elements -What is the main element in charcoal? 5
2. Alcohol – What type of alcohol does Sammy Hagar promote which uses the name Cabo Wabo? 3
3. Shakespeare – What was the name of the theater built by Shakespeare’s theater company in 1599? 1 Also got this bonus for 3 – What is the name of the King in “Hamlet” who kills Hamlet’s father and marries his mother?
Round Three
1. TV – What Hall of Fame athlete had a talk show in 1998, which was canceled after eight weeks due to low ratings? Miss for 1.
2. Music – What band released their sixth studio album called “Quadrophenia” in 1973? 5
3. Military – What shortened word refers to submarines used by Germans in the first and second World Wars? 3
Halftime – Cross-dressing actors – Based on the films’ release years and titles, name the actors who appeared in cross-dressing roles.
1. 2000 – Big Momma’s House
2. 1994 – Junior
3. 2010 – Salt
4. 2009 – Rage
Missed 1 and 4 (thought of right answer for 1 after we’d already handed it in).
Standings: Eleven teams – scores 8 to 36, with team Corey, Morgan, Jessica and Dynamic Danielle in first. We were in second with 34 points, playing under the name Wurst Team Ever.
Round Four
1. Deaths – On what day did Attila the Hun die in 453 AD? Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Horse Racing – What is the name of the lightweight, two-wheeled cart used in harness racing? Mike for 2.
3. Quotes – Complete the following Joseph Stalin quote – “One death is a tragedy – one million deaths is a (blank)?” Mike again for 4.
Round Five
1. Presidential Families – What is the real name of Barack Obama’s daughter Sasha? Miss for 2
2. TV – “The Homecoming” was the pilot episode of what family drama series in 1971? Miss for 4. Upon hearing the answer, I jokingly said aloud, “Good night, Waltons,” and “F— you, Waltons.” I must’ve offended the guy two seats down, who said, “Too young (to know that)?” Uh, no! But hey, if someone wants to refer to someone my age as “too young,” I can’t be TOO insulted, can I? Never a dull moment…
3. Music – What American rock band had three hits on the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame’s list of 500 songs that shaped rock ‘n roll, including “Psycho Killer,” “Once in a Lifetime,” and “Life During Wartime?” And same guy who accused me of being “too young” struggled with this one…(karma can be a bitch), got this for much needed 6 points.
Round Six
1. Waterways – What is the name of the ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico in Florida and flows across the Atlantic to Europe? Mike and I teamed up here with success for 6.
2. Alcohol – What is bourbon made from? Initially had right guess, but changed it to something that some whiskey is made from, miss for 2
3. Elements – Brimstone is the archaic name for what element? 4
Standings – Eleven teams, scores 8 to 64, with Thundercats in first. We were in second with 62, tied with the Corey, Morgan, etc. team.
Final Category – Disasters
The deadliest hurricane in U.S. history was in 1900 and named for what city? Miss, right answer was considered, but alas, not written down…no prizes for us! We’ll be back to our “regular” routine next week Wednesday at the Wurst Bar with host Stacy Louis. Field trips can be fun! Go Pods!

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