Trivia Recap – June 20, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Yup, we’re starting to feel like virgins on prom night Sunday for Sporcle and Shine with Emily at theYpsiAlehouse.Getting all dressed up in very uncomfortable formal wear and shoes (can anyone else attest to those “dyeable” women’s shows being the most awful foot pinching things this side of the Mississippi?). Slow dancing through inoffensive but slightly racy hit songs, pouring Schnapps surreptitiously from a flask into your punch to loosen the inhibitions, allowing the other person’s hands to go into really, really interesting places and eventually sneaking off into an unlocked classroom or into the back of a station wagon (preferably with fake wood paneling and the back seats folded down) and slowly inching toward third base. Then it all stops abruptly. Maybe an overzealous hall monitor catches you in the act, maybe some not nice classmates pour pig’s blood on you, or maybe you didn’t know the answers to enough trivia questions. Nope, no closing the deal tonight! Our trivia pursuits are starting to mirror those of characters in a Judd Apatow teen comedy with Jonah Hill and/or that Mintz-Plasse kid. McLovin? Was that his name? You get the idea. Penultimate seems to be our calling card this trivia season, with us sitting at second place in two different trivia spots – The Heidelberg – and the YpsiAlehouse. Despite not finishing first for the night Sunday, we logged 132 points and won $30, which will help soothe our wounded libidos…err egos quite nicely! We’re really not that disappointed about how we’ve been doing, we just love to take these trivia recaps into dramatic territory every now and then. Our players Sunday included Heather (me), Mike and Brad. Toward the end of game two, “Mr. Scott” (or “Sparty” in Buzztime parlance) from More Beer Less Pants joined in on the fun when he “crashed” the game. His appearance couldn’t have been better timed, but we’ll explain more about that later. On to the questions…
Game One
1. Fast Food – The short-lived McDonald’s menu item called the Hula Burger featured what item in place of meat? 10
2. Historic Places – Zankel Hall, Stern Auditorium and Weill Recital Hall are all performance venues that are part of what historic New York venue? Brad, who was running a bit late, showed up just in time to help answer this. He said he rode his bike “really fast” to get to the game. We’re big fans of pre-game exercise, and it was obvious it helped fire up his brain in this game! Got this for 5.
3. Film Settings – The 2007 film “Atonement” was partially set during which war? Good guess for 2.
4. Figure Skating – Name one of the two medal-winning American skaters from the 1998 Winter Olympics. Name both for nerd bonus. Yay, I know skating stuff that doesn’t involve Tonya Harding! Also got the nerd bonus, 4 plus one.
5. Song Lyrics (audio) – Had to name the only lyric from that one song that was playing when Pee Wee Herman did that dance in the white platform shoes in the biker bar in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” (best movie ever of all time). If this description doesn’t ring any bells for you, look it up on YouTube. Got this for 9. Ironically enough, an older player playing near us said, “Young people aren’t going to know this one.” And yet he wound up missing it. Speaking of missing questions, read on…
6. Geography – The seven-mile long San Mateo Hayward Bridge spans what body of water? Were in the right state, but wrong city, miss for 3. Darn, we were hoping to burn one of our big points slips on this, missed for 3.
7. TV Themes – “C’mon, C’mon” by the Von Bondies is the theme song to what series starring Denis Leary? Took a huge risk, but got it for 8
8. Famous Soldiers – What American Civil War general is the namesake of the M4 tank? Kind of a waste of a FB clue, but got this for 7.
9. Vitamins – Folic acid is also known as what numbered B vitamin? Nearly wagered six on this, but decided to save six for the next question about comic books. Glad we did, missed this for 1.
10. Comic Books – What title comic book character is related to the Van Dough family, has friends named Freckles and Pee Wee, and a dog named Dollar? 6
Mystery: Plants/Animals starting with the letter “D.”
1. Male bee whose main function is to get it on with the queen.
2. Bird that is member of the family Columbidae and related to the pigeon. Also shares its name with a personal care company founded in the 1950s
3. Common name of the perennial flower Narcissus
4. Species of camel with hump on the back
Got them all, but discussed two options quite a bit for #3.
Standings: Eight teams, scores ranging from 28 to 65, with us in the top spot.
Final Category: Autobiographical Movies
What 1999 film was based, in part, on an autobiography by the title character titled The Sixteenth Round?
Nope, didn’t get this, but only wagered 12.
Final Standings: ‘Pods, 53; Diane’s Gs (aka Izzy and the Peeps), 68. They were the only team to get this one correct.
Game Two
1. Newspapers – What business newspaper has been published continuously by Dow Jones & Company since 1889? Wanted to go higher on this, but someone mentioned that this newspaper may have changed hands in recent years. Still got it for 4.
2. World Series – Which two teams played in the first World Series game held in the state of Florida in 1997? Got one, missed the second for 1.
3. Memoirs – What country singer released a memoir called “From This Moment On” in 2011? Nope, miss for 2, country music ain’t our thang.
4. Texas – What Texas city located southeast of Houston shares its name with an island and nearby bay? 10
5. ‘2000s Films – (our game crasher showed up just before we handed in this answer) – What actor received a Golden Globe nomination for his role as the title character in the 2004 film “Kinsey?” For extra “nerd” point, name the actress winning the Oscar for her role in the film. We were only going to wager 5 on this, but our “guest” backed up our movie person on it and we went 9 points instead. Boo ya! Sometimes just having one more “vote” on an answer can make all the difference.
6. Word Origins – “Shahmat,” the Persian word for “The King is Helpless” translates into what English word? Nope, miss for 3.
7. ’80s TV – The characters Coy and Vance temporarily replaced what cousins on a TV series in 1982 and 1983? And this is when Mr. Guest Star grabbed the slip for big points (though Mike would have known this one, too). Still funny that they asked about “this” series with this player in the mix. Years ago we gave out a ‘Pods bumper sticker to a person on this team as a “door prize” for knowing an obscure answer to a question about this show during a trivia game at Corner Brewery. We told him he could put the sticker on his trash can if he wanted!
8. Pencils – What material commonly used in pencils got its name for its ability to leave marks on paper? 7
9. Albums – What musician has had the most #1 albums on the Billboard Hot 100 charts both as part of a group and as a solo artist? A lot of discussion, but got this for 5.
10. Cars – The Zastava Koral was a Serbian-made vehicle popular in the U.S. during the mid ’80s to the early ’90s and was more popularly known by what four-letter name? And the name Leslie Pluhar will be forever etched in my brain because of this car…she was the one who accidentally drove one of these cars off the Mackinac Bridge in 1989. Maybe one day she will be the subject of a trivia question to justify me having this useless bit of knowledge taking up valuable brain space, lol…And we finished this round with 6 points on this question.
Got all of these.
Standings: Ten teams, scores ranging from 31 to 59, with us tied with Chief Running with Scissors.
The 20th century had numerous U.S. Presidents who served in the military before they were President, but it also had a streak of six Presidents who did not.
Name EITHER the first or the sixth Presidents in that streak.
Wagered 20 and got this.
Final Standings; Umpires Strike Back, 73; ‘Pods, 79. We will be hitting up a local trivia spot tonight, but our next “official” outing will be Tuesday at the Heidelberg for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M., where we will vainly try to stop being “Number Two.” As always, Go Pods!


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