Trivia Recap – Feb. 24, 2016 – Heidelberg

Two ‘Pods visited The Heidelberg in Ann Arbor on Tuesday and had a pretty good night with one first place and one second place finish – missing only three points and one “bonus” point in game one up until the game one final question that every team at our bar – and a bar with friends playing in another division – missed (if reports are correct). Not bad for a “Hall & Oates” duo! We finished in first place for the night with a mere 106 points, but based on how challenging those final questions were? We’ll take it! Tuesday also marked the last night for substitute trivia host “the” Dave Johnson who really grew on us over the past few weeks. Best of luck as he hosts elsewhere! His “South Park” references/voices always cracked us up! Representin’ ‘Pods included Heather and Michael (whose name comes into play in the game two final question). Geoff was on a hot date and was unable to join in this time (clicks tongue). If anyone notices any discrepancies/errors with any of these questions, any editing that occurs will not happen until after 11 a.m. today, so stay tuned, thanks!
1. Slogans – What now defunct automaker brand used the slogans “We build excitement” and “We are driving excitement?” Heather for three points.
2. 10 Letter Words – What 10-letter word meaning “flawless” describes a game-winning reception in a 1972 NFL football game? Mike for 10 points.
3. Charities – What charity incorporated in 1997 by Madonna W. Coffman involves hair donations for kids with terminal medical conditions? Nine points.
4. ’90s Literature – In what U.S. state was the novel and film adaptation of “Bridges of Madison County” primarily set? Heather for four points (though she never saw the movie or read the book).
5. Elements – Henry Cavendish discovered what gaseous element which he called “inflammable air?” Five points.
6. Government – For what government agency does the abbreviation “S.E.C.” stand for, which regulates the stock market? Heather for 8 points.
7. TV – In 2012, what was the only Showtime drama series drama to win the primetime Emmy? Miss for 2, we’re too cheap for premium cable.
8. NBA – What NBA team that has since moved to a new city lost back to back NBA finals in 2002 and 2003? Miss for 1.
9. Beatles – What Beatles song with the word “me” in the title hit #1 in 1964? Name both for extra “nerd” point. Heather got this for 7, missed the bonus.
10. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of what landlocked Asian country? Mike’s favorite world capital! Seriously, it is! He insists it’s the name of a person, and even drew that person during the game. He is nutty…really, though, the best world capital name in the world is “Windhoek,” which obviously is something from “Ren & Stimpy.” Honestly, what else could that be?:)
Mystery anagrams – Identify the 2016 presidential candidate based on the following anagrams.
Desire banners
Linty roll chain
Land turd mop
Neon crabs
Got them all.
Heading into the final: Four teams with scores ranging from 42 to 63, with Miskatonic U. in the lead with 63 points.
Final Category: Solo Artists
Last week Meghan Trainor won the 2016 Grammy for best new artist. Name 2 of the 4 others nominated for same award.
No teams got this and we wagered a conservative 12 points. And this team’s re-cap writer has to listen to Meghan Trainor songs (among other horrible, horrible songs) at work and yet has not killed anyone, lol. Even during that brief period when Spin Doctors were in the rotation (what a dark time that was). Why did someone tell Meghan Trainor she can sing? Why????? Final standings: Flying Solo, 23; Miskatonic U., 51.
Game Two
1. Batman – What is the first name of Batman’s butler? Nerd bonus – what is his last name? Got both for 10. And it wasn’t just Mike who knew the last name of this guy! This is called “spousmosis,” a word we completely made up.
2. Human Body – What is the more common name of scapula? Nine points.
3. Money – Before adopting the Euro in 1999, what was the name of the primary currency in Italy in use since 1861? Got this for 8.
4. Food – Branzino is what kind of food? Miss for 2.
5. Home Runs – What American League franchise holds the record for the most home runs scored in single season doing so in 1997? Heather thought of the right person who accomplished this, but unfortunately, not the right team, miss for 1. But didn’t he play for the Yankees at some point? Too lazy to Google while writing this, can someone answer and give some vindication? Or not? 🙂
6. Political Talk – Audio clue of obnoxious political commentator name the series. Got this for 7.
7. TV Animals – On the TV sitcom “Green Acres,” what kind of animal is Arnold ? Got this for 6.
8. Instruments- What musical instrument appears on the coat of arms for Ireland? Five points.
9. Legal Speak – In terms of law, what type of injunction does TRO stand for? Yeah, we don’t know anything about those, miss for 3.
10. Memphis, Tennessee lies on the border of what two states ? Missed for 4, got one of them right. Another geography head may have helped out here.
Visual Mystery: Missed #3. And #4 is the re-cap photo tie in! Did you think we would pick Stevie Nicks? That would be too predictable! And our re-cap writer loves this ’80s movie just a little bit too much to be healthy. What’s not to like about a movie where Mick Fleetwood, Dweezil Zappa and Arnold Schwarzenegger all share screen time?
Heading into the final: Five teams with scores ranging from 28 to 62, with What the Shibboleth in the top spot, we were in third with 53 points.
Final Category: Common Names
According to a study of the Social Security Administration’s most popular male baby names from 1915 to 2014, four names had more than 4 million occurrences each. Name 3 of those 4 names.
Wagered zero and got this (of course!). We would have wagered higher had we known this would be baby names. Michael and Heather did not initially agree on their answers – Heather argued for William, James, and Michael, and Michael said the right words – “think biblical.” Trump card. Final standings; Miskatonic U., 53; Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem, 62.
Until next time, which will be Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for trivia host Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma’s last game Wednesday. Go ‘Pods!

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