Trivia Recap – April 11, 2016 (Venue Tournament, ABC Brewpub)

Four ‘Pods completed the final “task” of the trivia season Sunday at a qualifying “venue tournament” at Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie. This time our assigned “task” was to win at least a gift card and not embarrass ourselves too much! Aside from game one? Mission accomplished! We won a second place gift card in game two. Team One is the Loneliest Number, accompanied by some “hired guns” from team More Beer Less Pants wound up getting the coveted tournament spot for next Sunday, April 17. Interestingly enough, a member of their team was a “hired gun” for our own team last October when we were short on available players for that game. It’s all part of the “Circle of (pub trivia) Life,” which wound up being one of our correct trivia answers. But we’ll get to that later, let’s get on to the questions! Representative ‘Pods this time were Heather, Brad, Dave and Geoff, our “co-pilot” Mike sat out this game.
1. Marriages – Following her marriage to Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley was briefly married to what actor? Nice work Dave, got this for 3.
2. Islands – Until 1972, what Asian island nation was known as Ceylon? Ten points.
3. Comedies – What 2003 comedy film starred Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon as Siamese twins named Bob and Walt? For nerd point. what real-life neurosurgeon made a cameo appearance in the film? Got the nerd point, but missed this for 2. The actual wording was “conjoined twins,” but our re-cap writer prefers the term “Siamese” and is making an executive decision to use it here.
4. TV Terms – In television, the acronym SORAS refers to the process of doing what? No clue, but we wrote down something that we felt fit the acronym. Unsure if any teams got this one…miss for 1.
5. Books – What city served as both the starting and ending point in the 1873 book “Around the World in 80 Days?” Yay for Geoff who remembered reading this when he was 13, lol, got this for 5! We got into a brief discussion over the spelling of the protagonist’s name, which burned every trivia team at a previous game at Corner Brewery.
6. Computers – The “Deep Blue” chess-playing computer, which defeated Russian chess Grandmaster (is that the coolest title ever, or what?) Garry Kasparov in 1997, was made by what computer company? Geoff again for nine points.
7. Lead Singers – Linda Perry, who wrote hit songs for Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani, was previously the lead singer for what early ’90s band whose only hit was “What’s Up?” And Heather’s “prayer” that the question be about ’80s or early ’90s music was answered (thank you whatever deity heard that!), got this for eight.
8. NBA Stars – What NBA Hall of Famer scored more than 30,000 points in their career and played for the Golden State Warriors, Lakers, and the ’76ers? Miss for 4.
9. Elements – What metallic element with the atomic number 82 is the heaviest non-radioactive element on the periodic table? And again we miss an “elements” question, this time for 6. Brad’s “homework” before our trivia finals Sunday has been assigned 🙂
10. Logos – What American film production company depicts a boy sitting on the moon while fishing? A whopping miss for 7. Ouch. How about another beer? 🙂
Mystery: Flag colors – pick the missing color from the following flag color combinations. Special thanks Scott C. for providing the game one mystery round questions, our notes for this and the game one standings literally vanished into thin air. Since GHOSTS ARE NOT REAL, we’re not blaming the ghost rumored to haunt the room in which we play trivia for this. We’re going with the notes simply f—ing disappeared and that’s that! That is a perfectly logical explanation, after all, much more plausible than “The ghost stole my trivia notes.” Moving on…(please note we are saying all of this in jest and only the very slightest insanity). OK, maybe more than “slight” insanity!
1:Colombia- yellow, blue and ?
2. Ireland- green, white and ?
3. N Korea- red, white and ?
4. Kuwait- red, white, green and ?
Missed #3.
Final Category: ’90s movies
What 1991 film directed by the Coen Brothers was the first to receive an Academy Award nomination of any kind? And Heather proceeded to list several of their films (see previous post) along with release years or “guesstimated” release years. And finally remembered the name of that movie when time was nearly up. Truly a “horror film” for writers, lol! Not the best movie by those guys imho. But we got another 20 points for knowing this, putting us at 62 points going into game two. And because we were in second venue place heading into this game, we would get 10 “tourney points” at the end of game two.
Game Two
1. Commercials – NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning is the pitchman for what insurance company? Ten points.
2. Flowers – The cantuta is the national flower of Peru, and also the sacred flower of what ancient civilization? A definite “Mike” category here, but we still managed to get it for 9.
3. Movie Songs – Name two of the three Elton John songs from Disney films nominated for an Academy Award for best original song. Got two, but missed the “nerd” point for not knowing the third, got it for 7.
4. Statues – The ancient Greek statue known as Venus de Milo is on permanent display at which museum? Geoff nails this for 8.
5. Actresses – What English actress/singer was born Julia Elizabeth Welles in 1935? “The Hills…are alive….” Got this for 6.
6. Racing – In 1986, who became the first American to win the Tour de France? This category scared us when we first heard it, but we got this for 5, woot!
7. Outlaws – What renowned outlaw was killed by Pat Garrett July 14, 1881? Four points. Yay, an excuse for a “Bill and Ted” photo tie-in! Easily one of the most popular go-to image subjects for our game re-caps. How many times have we used images of Napoleon from that movie? The actor they picked was very spot-on! Did they really have a time machine and get the real guy? Speaking of time machines…
8. Fears – Chronophobia is the fear of what? Heather really wanted to put “fear of time machines,” but we didn’t. Still missed it, and no “fear of time machines” was not the correct answer, missed this for 1.
9. TV Actors – Dean Forrester and Sam Winchester are characters who were played by what TV actor? Nope, miss for 2.
10. Rivers – The Knife and Heart River in North Dakota are tributaries of what major river? Yup, another potential “study” topic for us, burned by another river question, miss for 3.
Mystery: First name starts with I – identify the first and last name of people based on the following descriptions.
1. Actor playing Magneto in “X-Men”
2. Sci-fi writer known for the “Galactic Empire” series
3. Namesake of main airport in Delhi, India
4. Russian physician known for his work with classical conditioning
Got ’em all.
Fifteen teams heading into the final, One is the (not so) Loneliest Number were in the top spot with 63 points. We were in third with 57 points playing under the pseudonym Blind Cephalopods.
Final Category: Magazines
Who was the only person named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” twice in the 21st Century? We wagered zero, wound up in second behind “One,” whom we believe managed to get this correct (unsure of their wager). This means it’s on to the “big game” Sunday, April 17 for the Sporcle Live “League Championship” at 59 West! Now to study that periodic table and U.S. map….and (ugh) hit songs. Aww, do we have to? 😦 Go Pods!

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