Trivia Recap May 19, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


May 19, 2015 ·



And here is our re-cap of Monday’s festivities at Maiz Mexican Cantina (aka Corn Mexican Cantina, which is what we will jokingly be calling it from now on) forSporcle Live with Rachel Sue. We finished in second for the night, trailing the venue leaders Normal Park Trivia Tigers (aka Little Lebowski Urban Achievers) by just one point. We took home one second place and one first place gift card. Game one started off a bit rough for us, thanks to some tough questions (at least for us).
And the questions, which may be abridged versions of the ones that were asked.
Game one
1. Advertisements – What two words were used to describe eggs in a 1977 Egg Council advertisement?
2. TV Babies – What ’90s sitcom introduced a newborn baby named Mabel in its sixth season? Nope, miss for 1. We put “The one that starred Lisa Kudrow” instead.
3. Comedians – What comedian released a comedy album called “Harmful if Swallowed” in 2003 and portrayed a character named Dusty Crophopper in the animated 2013 film “Planes?” Miss for 2.
4. Mascots – Which NFL franchise features a costumed mascot named “Poe?”
5. Top 10 Hits – Name one of the two bands or solo artists that recorded the song “Life is a Highway.” For nerd bonus, name both. Miss and miss for 4.
6. Medical conditions – Encephalitis is a medical condition that affects which organ of the body?
7. Audio clue – Clip of U.S. president from the 1970s.
8. Mountains – The Appenine Mountains, 1,000 miles in length, are located in which European country? Miss for 3. mental note, listen to Brad!
9. Cereal – In 2014, what cereal company enlisted DC Comics artists to revamp their mascots for Halloween-themed cereals?
10. ’90s Movies – What 1996 Demi Moore film received a number of Golden Raspberry “Razzie” awards, including Worst Picture?
Mystery – Match the initials of the person described to an element on the Periodic Table, naming the resulting element.
1. SNL cast member from 1995-2000 known for playing a Spartan Cheerleader.
2. Spanish tennis star and nine-time French Open winner.
3. Country singer who recorded the 2006 single “Before He Cheats.”
4. Actress who married both Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra.
A doozy of a mystery round for us, we missed 1, 3, and 4. Would have gotten #3 if Heather and Brad actually bothered talking to each other, lol…
Heading into the final: Eleven teams with scores ranging from 10 to 66, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers taking the lead with 66 points. We were in fifth with 50 points and praying to Cthulhu for a decent final question category…
Final category: Tourist Attractions
Opened in 2014, the tallest Ferris wheel in the world in located in what U.S. city? Our man Joel knew this answer right away, it helps that he recently stayed in a hotel in this city (perks of being a professional pilot).
Final standings: Miskatonic U. (playing under the pseudonym Doof Warrior Fan Club), 67; Little Lebowskis, 86.
Game two
1. Company names – J.W. Foster and Sons, founded in 1895, was renamed what in the 1950s after a type of African Antelope?
2. Awards – In what decade were the Grammy Awards first aired?
3. Literary girlfriends – What is the name of the title character’s girlfriend in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?” Brad and Joel teamed up on this one.
4. Discoveries – The first documented sighting of Australia is attributed to an explorer of what nationality – French, Spanish, Dutch, or English? After we handed in our answer slip, Heather randomly said “Did you guys know what the original name of Tasmania was?” After she revealed the answer, we realized we’d possibly turned in the wrong answer but it was too late to change it. Though Tasmania is not named for the person who discovered Australia, turns out that both people shared the same nationality. Again, we should’ve listened to Brad…
5. Scientific terms – What is the term for the process during which atoms are split into multiple parts?
6. TV casts – Who was the only main cast member of ER to spend the first 11 seasons on that show? We put three other cast members’ names on that slip, crossed them all off and put in “Justin Bieber.” Brad attempted to describe the actor who turned out to be correct, but his description skills were sadly lacking. Nice try anyway!
7. James Bond – What was the first film in the EON Productions James Bond series released in the 1970s – and the last to feature Sean Connery? This is a “Heather” category…
8. Islands – What is the most populous island in the United States? Torn between two, picked the wrong one (sorry Brad).
9. Composers – Who composed the ballet Swan Lake?
10. MLB Teams – Name one of the three MLB National League teams whose uniforms do not contain blue or red? For nerd bonus, name all three. A home run for Brad.
Visual mystery:
Heading into the final: Nine teams with scores ranging from 26(?) to 64,. with More Beer Less Pants leading with 64 points (congrats on the perfect game). We were in fourth with 56 points.
The common English names of nine of the twenty largest independent countries in the world begin with one of three letters. Name two of those three letters.
Final standings – Sharknado, 75 (moving up from fifth), Miskatonic U., 76.

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