Nope, We Won’t Be Playing in any “Globe” Games This Time…

Sporcle sent me an invite to RSVP for the “Globe Games” for prizes on Saturday, June 3. Currently, there are six Michigan locations hosting such games – Ellison Brewery in Lansing; 24 Seconds in Berkley, Spoons Place in Canton, Ye Olde Saloon in Royal Oak, Freddy’s in Clinton Township and Haymaker Public House in Ann Arbor. Most have already been fully booked and are on a wait list.

Well, that’s OK with me, since that’s the day before my husband and I leave for a three-night “Up North” getaway. Even if that were not the case, I have zero desire to try to assemble troops for trivia games on a weekend.

We’ll be taking a short break from trivia games for the next week or so unless we randomly decide to do any virtual games. Good luck to any teams I may know of who are vying for prizes in these games!

I really think the future of the ‘Pods in pub trivia is going to remain very, very casual. I don’t see us as even being able to play in the same place week after week again.

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