Behold My Super Bowl Stew!

I woke up today and started thinking about what I was going to cook for lunch today that would generate leftovers – and also incorporate lots of veggies, including some dark leafy greens. It’s all part of my ongoing quest to fight my husband’s ongoing battles with inflammation. He has reacted very positively to my recent attempts to cook things heavy in vegetables and leafy greens – and thankfully, he happens to love veggies anyway!

Today I used a bag of frozen Buffalo chicken meatballs we bought recently at Aldi and made a hearty stew out of them with onions/celery/garlic, canned tomatoes, frozen turnip greens (turnip greens pack a real anti-inflammatory punch, and my local grocery has a decent “soul food selection, lol) in a vegetable broth base. I also added some bottled B-dubs spicy garlic wing sauce, and garnished with crumbled Bleu cheese. I even threw in some gluten free chickpea noodles.

OMG this is SO good!

My quest to use more superfood-ish vegetables has led me to turnips – which I used recently in a turnip-potato mash with chicken meatloaf; rutabaga – which I cubed and added to a chickpea/ground turkey stew and lastly…roasted beets. I don’t happen to like beets – their consistency is just…like eating someone’s liver (yuck), but my husband loves them!

I found a low-mess recipe where I wash them, trim the greens (cook and use separately), wrap and place in a foil lined pan and bake for about 40 minutes at 450 degrees. I peel them after roasting. Here’s what they look like:

My husband likes chopping them up and adding to salads. OK, to each his own!

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