Bar Trivia Happening Again For The ‘Pods Soon (July 19, 2021)

I thought the fact that this guy in this scene from Salem’s Lot is wearing PJs (kind of a little pandemic commentary there)!

We did a “practice” run of live trivia at a My Trivia Live spot last week with just a couple of us. The real “return” of the ‘Pods will be (hopefully) be happening within the next two weeks! Teammates are being contacted. We’re eyeing a Wednesday night spot for our “big” return – a spot we’ve played in the past, mainly in the warmer months.

We’re currently in 34th place on the national virtual trivia leaderboard (whatever THAT means)! Maybe it’s time for our team to show up on some local leaderboards as well?

I’m still trying to find a decent place close enough to home to play so that our “one” teammate who refuses to drive to games (he knows who he is) can be in on the action. It’s quite a challenge while so many trivia spots are still listed as “coming soon.” And the local ones that ARE open aren’t ones I want to play. Last Tuesday’s game case in point. Sometimes it’s best to play in spots where you’re not going to see players whom you don’t want to see!

Didn’t everything sound better coming out of Forrest Gump?

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