Trivia Recap – June 8, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

Yup, just another virtual trivia game at home on a hot ‘n humid Tuesday evening.

1. Actors – What actor and rapper stars in the films Are We There Yet?, Barbershop, and All About the Benjamins?

2. U.S. States – How many other U.S. states border Louisiana?

3. Companies – In 2000, Confinity and merged to form what company that is known for its money transfer service?

4. Wonders – Which of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, believed to have been built near Hillah in the Babil province of Iraq, is the only one whose location has never been definitively established?

5. Holidays – According to the Hebrew calendar, what holiday begins on the 25th day of Kislev? Miss…no Hanukkah presents for us this year!

6. The Grammys – At the 2014 Grammy Awards, who officiated the wedding of 33 couples while Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed “Same Love”? We had no f—ing clue, so we put MC Hammer since we seemed to remember he used to be an ordained minister or something (hey it’s better than putting nothing)!

This actor will be asked about in a bit…

7. 1990s TV – The 1990s police drama Nash Bridges is primarily set in what West Coast U.S. city?

Nerd point – what actor played the title character?

I have no idea how I remembered this actor and I never, ever watched this show…but we made the right guess on the city so got this for the points and the nerd bonus.

8. Outer Space – Named after a princess from Greek mythology, what is the closest major galaxy to the Milky Way?

9. Wrestling – What eight-time WWE champion was an NCAA Division I national champion wrestler and has also won the UFC Heavyweight Championship? Miss. Off Mike’s rassling radar.

10. Characters – Diana Dare, Stella Strong, Helen Hale, and Nan Nelson were rejected names for what title character, who has appeared in a series of over 600 books written by multiple people using the name Carolyn Keene?

Mystery – Tabletop Games

Name the tabletop game based on an excerpt that might be found in their instruction booklets.

M1. Drop the letter cubes into the dome and place the yellow cube grid, open side down, over the dome.

M2. The dealer shuffles the cards and lays twelve cards (in a rectangle) face up on the table so that they can be seen by all players.

M3. When all the sticks are inserted, load the marbles by dropping them through the opening in the top of the tube. The marbles will rest on top of the web of sticks.

M4. Place all 25 shapes next to the game unit, in a mixed order, with handle facing up. Next, set the timer for the full 60 seconds and push the pop-up tray down.

Missed #2.

Final Category – #1 Songs

Despite our horrible showing on music related final questions lately, we were feeling a bit ballsy! “Well, it could be about an era of music I actually listened to, honey!” Oh the sweet nothings we whisper to our trivia partners on trivia nights…read on to see whether this was a good idea – or bad idea.

In June 2021, BTS became the fourth group to have three additional Billboard Hot 100 #1 songs within one year of their first #1 song, following the Beatles, the Supremes, and the Jackson 5.
Name any one of the three solo artists who achieved this same feat, doing so in 1989-90, 1990-91, and 2006-07.

We knew the late ’80s/early ’90s artists and correctly named the first one. Got second place (moved up from sixth)! Woot!

As always, Go Pods and stay classy, you South Korean boy bands!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – June 8, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

  1. ice cube, 3, pay pal, hanging gardens of babylon, hanukkah, queen latifah, san francisco/don johnson, andromeda, brock lesner, nancy drew
    mystery – boggle, set, kerplunk, perfection

    final – paula abdul, mariah carey, justin timberlake

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