Happy Holiday Tree Day!

Personally, I could have taken or left putting up holiday decorations this year. It’s 2020. Not exactly bubbling over with holiday spirit these days (so sue me).

But my husband has been squawking about wanting to “see holiday lights and stuff” so I…caved in today. The things we do for love, right (either that or the things we do to get our loved ones to STFU right amirite? 😂

I brought up the tiny tinsel tree from the basement, cleaned up a corner of the living room, set up a barstool, bungeed the tree to the stool to keep it upright (yes it’s bungeed upright call me Ms. MacGyver) and put up some battery powered lights (color changing skull lights I bought for Halloween). I also assembled some plush cephalopod toys and rubber finger tentacles to give the tree a “theme.” My beloved husband seems happy with my handiwork (ho ho fucking ho, deck the halls, yada yada):

Ho ho fucking ho and a bottle of rum!

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