So What’s Next For The ‘Pods (Spring/Summer 2020)?

I had a chance to talk with everyone in my trivia “crew” at a trivia game last night, and I think I’ve formulated a “plan” for trivia in the “warmer months.” So…what’s the plan?

Well…to play trivia games, of course! If we happen to qualify for a “first day pick” spot in the Sporcle Live semis in June – and I’ll have the players available – then we’ll play! But…we might try to go as “non local” as possible to improve our chances of qualifying (for the Sporcle Live tournaments in June). I don’t see it being as easy for a…shall we say – team like mine – to be able to qualify for the state championship by playing local. I have a good idea what the local competition is like – and know which teams my team will never, ever be able to beat (unless I get James Holzhauer to return my calls, LOL). There are also some local players I just plain don’t even want to SEE, but I’m not going into specifics about whom those players might be #agentlemanneverasksandaladynevertells Also, since I have a player who lives in metro Detroit, it would make a metro Detroit qualifying spot more attractive. Too far out to tell exactly what we’ll do yet, but that looks like a possibility!

As for My Trivia Live, we’ll continue playing the MTL games…casually. We’re going to take the spring/summer season off from trying to qualify for tournaments. Summer is just too busy of a time to try to nail down players to playing in the same spot week…after week…after week. Add that to the Renaissance Festival taking up the time of one of my players on weekends from mid-August through October, and…meh. Why bother?

I won’t rule out playing as a “hired gun” if another team needs me for summer tournaments – AND I’m available! If I plan a camping trip in August and it happens to be on the same weekend as a trivia to-do, I’m not going to cancel my plans. I may love trivia, but some things (though not too many) ARE more important!

We’ll probably rotate between playing Wednesdays at Tower Inn – and Wednesdays at The Owl (with occasional Thursday games at Sticks thrown in for good measure). I don’t know if it will be as rigid as an “every other week” rotation with Tower Inn/The Owl, but we’ll be splitting our time between the two spots.

I think this trivia plan will sit pretty well with my free-spirited players! Especially…me!

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