Who’s Your REAL Daddy, Bruce Wayne?

Watching  the Epix premium  channel series “Pennyworth,” which features Batman’s…I mean Bruce Wayne’s –  future  butler  in the past as a young mercenary/muscle for hire in London (yes he’s pretty hot). And he  and Batman’s…I mean Bruce Wayne’s – future mom Martha Kane – share a brief intimate moment after  a day of badassery together. They share a kiss, but nothing more than that. There is definitely  chemistry between  them!


What if Alfred  winds up being Batman’s – I mean Bruce Wayne’s – real daddy? Wouldn’t  that  explain  quite a lot? Alfred  did kind of look after Batman  – I mean Bruce Wayne  – like a father would for his own son. Why else would Alfred hang out so many years  with  that snot-nosed, spoiled, vengeance- filled, brooding kid with an unhealthy  bat obsession and penchant for womanizing (when he grows up)? Besides money?

Interesting  twist!


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