(SPOILERS) The Two Latest “Forensic Files” Episodes Are Both Empowering – And Disenchanting – For Women

Adult  readers  only. Some  material  may be disturbing  for some readers.

The  two new “Forensic Files II” episodes focused  on a guy who raped and murdered  a Yale  grad student whom he outweighed by double – and a case where a woman killed  and dismembered  her husband and discarded  his body parts in Chesapeake Bay.

I’m  particularly  incensed by this first case involving an a—hole  who decided he’d  rape and kill a 5 foot tall Asian Yale grad student  and stuff her tiny dead body into a hidden compartment  in a public restroom. Pick  on someone your own size, a—hole! Also, you  don’t  have to rape and kill every  woman you can  overpower. Or even every woman who gives you a stiffie. You bastard…no pit in Hell is low enough for your  pathetic cowardly  ass. You…soulless  f—. Rot in prison and never, ever  forget this brilliant  young woman whose  scientific  research  might   just  better this planet. Did it feel good to rape her –  and extinguish her  light? Think  about that  when  you’re  being beaten or raped in prison.

Other  case was philandering  wife having  an affair – and killing and dismembering her husband’s  body –   and throwing it out  in three different pieces of luggage  in Chesapeake  Bay.  While  I can’t  help but  but  admire her ballsiness a bit –  and committing  such a manly crime…

Jesus have you ever  heard of DIVORCE? Want to f— someone  you’re  not married to –  yet your  husband  is  not abusive  to you, not racking up gambling  debts,  not f—ing someone else behind  your  back  and –  yet  you still want  him out of the way? Is he not enough  of an asshole to kill? You don’t have  to murder  him. Jesus…she ‘s  just as despicable  as the guy  in the first case.

I hope the extramarital  sex was worth a life sentence in “the clink.” I hope you’re  fisted  without  lube  several  times  a day and you  can’t  get the feminine supplies you  want and need. Aren’t  I evil.  😂

I really  hate people…

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