Trivia Recap – January 23, 2020 – Tower Inn

Anyone else ever play in a trivia game where you get the categories – and mistakenly guess that a question will be about one thing – but it’s about a completely different thing?

When the category “New Year’s” was announced, we thought that it “might” be about the… Chinese New Year! So we preemptively started brainstorming the different facts we know about the Chinese zodiac – I listed some random years, and put the respective “animals” with them. Brad knew that he was an Ox…Mike and I are both rats…and then we learned which of the animals Evan is (according to Chinese zodiac hocus-pocusry)!

“Wait…you were born in the year of the dragon? Why am I just finding this out now?”

I explained that the “year of the dragon” is considered one of the most powerful years in the Chinese zodiac, with the other being the tiger. And the year happens every 12 years, as do all of the other Chinese zodiac signs.

It was all a moot point, however! Our question didn’t have anything to do with the Chinese zodiac! But it made for a fun bit of conversation!

As for the game, we finished first for the night and won a first place/$30 prize.

And here come the questions! Assume they are abbreviated…

Round One

1. Lord of the Rings – What character was played by Elijah Wood in The Lord of the Rings?

2. Beatles – In the lyrics to “Yellow Submarine” what is the non-blue color of the sea as listed in the song?

3. New Year’s – On the ABC broadcast of “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” a montage was shown of what former broadcaster saying “This is 2020” in various clips from over the years?

Nice teamwork on these…

Round Two

1. Seinfeld – On “Seinfeld,” what does the character “Newman” do for a living?

2. U.S. History – After receiving news of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which world leader described the act as “daring and desperate?”

3. Inventors – What inventor described the invention process as “99 percent perspiration – and 1 percent inspiration?” For a three-point bonus, what did Benjamin Franklin invent with two thin pieces of wood that allowed him to move faster through the water? We had a good guess on the bonus answer (which wound up being correct) but didn’t risk it…

Round Three

1. Kids’ TV – What children’s TV show had its roots in 1950s Pittsburgh and was called “The Children’s Corner?”

2. In the Kitchen – What is the term used to describe the second in command in the kitchen?

3. Sweethearts – In the Necco “sweethearts” candy line, which saying on candy hearts is also the also a cooking show featuring Padma Lakshmi? A whole lotta nope…but our guesses for the answer were kind of funny!

Halftime – Olympics

Given the names of 2016 summer Olympians or 2018 winter Olympians, ID the sports in which they participated:

H1 – Simone Biles

H2 – Katie Ledecki

H3 – Betheny Mattek-Sands and Jack Sock

H4 – Chloe Kim

All teams missed #3…

We were just barely out of first going into the second half – with 32 points – just one point away from a “visiting” barhop team who had 33 points.

Round Four

1. Software – Mavis Beacon teaches what computer skill in software that was released in 1987?

2. Literature – What American author penned The Last of the Mohicans?

3. Filmmaking – In cinematography, what is the three-letter word for a boom device with a camera on one end and a counterweight on the other? This was a “mis” for us…

Round Five

1. Spanish Leaders – Who led the Spanish Civil War and would later become leader of Spain for 30 years?

2. 21st Century TV – This was one of two categories we could choose – the other one being 19th Century History. We chose history, but other teams overruled us. We wonder if the younger players in the room regretted their decision to go with 21st Century TV – when they saw that it was essentially a baby boomer/Gen X question?

What soap opera was the focus of a scare among fans in November, 2019 when it went on a four-month production hiatus – and appeared that contracts for the actors wouldn’t be renewed? I said, “I remember reading chatter about this on Facebook…” Though to be honest…I haven’t watched this soap in years! Did y’all know Jennifer Aniston’s father is a character on this series?

3. Albums – Whose album, “Mandatory Fun,” hit #1 on the charts in 2014 – the first time for this artist – who had previously recorded 13 albums over the past 32 years? Wild guess paid off…

Round Six

1. Stores – What product is sold by Warby Parker?

2.  On the Job – In the U.S., where would you most likely find a docent working?

3. Exploration – Lewis and Clark joined what Shoshone guide in their travels out west?

We moved up to the lead going into the final  by three points – with us having 66 points – and our nearest competitors 63.

What singer, who gained fame in 1982 for winning the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and in 1988 for winning the 1988 Eurovision song contest – was also known for a string of hits in the 1990s – especially a worldwide hit in the later part of the decade of the 1990s? This singer represented Switzerland in the Eurovision contest, though was not a resident of that continent.

I had a guess for someone with some big hits in the 1990s, but I was overruled…and it was good that this happened!

Final scores: Quizzard of Oz, 88; 2, 126 and ‘Pods, 132.

That’s it for trivial pursuits for this week. We’ll try to “hit the road” next week! As always, Go Pods – and stay classy, Francisco Franco!





One thought on “Trivia Recap – January 23, 2020 – Tower Inn

  1. round one answers:
    Frodo baggins, green, barbara walters
    round two:
    mail carrier, King george III, Thomas Edison/flippers
    round three:
    Mr. Rogers, sous chef, top chef
    halftime: gymnastics, swimming, mixed doubles tennis, snowboarding
    round four
    typing, james fenimore cooperr, jib
    round five:
    francisco franco, days of our lives, weird al
    round six:
    glasses, museum, sacajeawea
    final answer: celine dion

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