Fact Du Jour – September 22, 2019 – First Theatrical Nude Scene


The first nude scene in a theatrically released film was by Jayne Mansfield (right – pictured with Sophia Loren) in Promises, Promises (1963). Nude scenes involving Marilyn Monroe were also filmed earlier for her movies The Misfits and Something’s Gotta Give – and though you can supposedly search for them on YouTube, they never made it past the cutting room floor. Jayne Mansfield is also known for being the mother of Law and Order actress Mariska Hargitay (say her name three times while looking into a mirror and she will appear and grant you three wishes, LOL) and for being the reason protective bars became standard on the rears of semi-trucks to keep cars from being able to roll under them. She was decapitated in a car accident in 1967 during a car accident involving a semi.

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