Trivia Recap – July 23, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

Forget Monday Night Football – Monday is the night for pub trivia! What could be more exciting than watching a bunch of pub trivia players drawing crude maps of U.S. states, throwing out the name “Linda Lovelace” as a gag answer about Nathan’s hot dog eating contest winners (it’s a rather lewd – and older pop culture reference but it still checks out) and scratching their heads dumbly when looking at different Spotify pages for music artists? It’s far more entertaining than watching a bunch of guys in tight spandex pants slowly move a sportsball up and down the field, isn’t it? I know, I know…pub trivia is DEFINITELY not as exciting as watching the cheerleaders, fans on the Jumbotron wearing body paint in their favorite team’s colors or the costumed mascots wandering around willy nilly (I’ll pass on the costumed mascots thanks – too creepy)! All we need is John Madden or Howard Cosell to provide commentary- and then pub trivia will be every bit as exciting as Monday Night Football! Yeah…right! 🙂

Or maybe you’d rather just watch a movie featuring Linda Lovelace? Whatever you do, do NOT Google Linda Lovelace or ask your voice activated Internet device to do it for you…

As for the game, we won a $15/first place gift card in game two and finished just shy of the “money zone” in game two.

How about some questions?

Game One

1. Inspirations – What Paris cabaret which originally opened in 1889 inspired the title and setting of a 2001 film? 10

2. Olympics – What country has won the second most Olympic medals in diving behind the U.S.? 3

3. Capitals – What is the capital of the first state a person would enter is traveling west from Topeka, KS – not including Kansas itself? I drew a really crude map with Oklahoma’s “handle” (hey I don’t claim to be the team’s “artist”) going the wrong way, but we still got this for 4.

4. Awards – Awarded for gallantry in action, what is the third highest U.s. combat military decoration? Mike and Brad knocked this one out of the park, we were the only team getting this correct for 4.

5. Competitions – Since 2001, who is the only person other than Takeru Kabayashi and Joey Chestnut to win the men’s competition in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest? That’s when I made my Linda Lovelace comment – good thing Brad wasn’t eating anything when I said it because he nearly choked! Moot point, the question asked for the men’s competition anyway! Miss for 1.

6. Top Tens – Audio clue of the first and most recent Billboard top 10 singles by which rapper….miss for 2.

7. TV Actors – J.B. Smoove has appeared in at least 20 episodes of three different series – name one of those series – both for a bonus point. Miss for 6.

8. Annual Events – The Boston Marathon is run annually on what Massachusetts state holiday that commemorates the first battle of the American Revolutionary War? Yay Brad, got this for 9.

9. Schools – Located in Washington, D.C., Gallaudet University is the only liberal arts college designed specifically for the education of what kind of students? 7

10. Acting – What eight-letter verb commonly used in TV, film and theater refers to performers who have been hired repeatedly for roles due to certain physical characteristics or similarities to previous characters played? 7

Mystery – Who, What Where- What Network Am I?

One answer based on whether answer handed in after the first clue, second clue, third clue, fourth clue – maximum eight points if handing in after first clue.

M1 – As of 2018, I am the seventh most watched non-sports, non-news cable network during prime time behind USA, HGTV, TBS, TNT, History and Hallmark

M2 – I was founded in 1985 and in 2005 I became the primary sponsor of a professional cycling team that included Lance Armstrong

M3 – I am referenced in lyrics of a 1999 single “The Bad Touch” by the Bloodhound Gang

M4 – My name is synonymous with Shark Week

Got it on clue #2.

Despite blowing our six point slip, we still wound up in first with 55 going into the final, with Stop The Bus (clean version of their name) in second with 49, Jagged Little Pill Poppers/Peas Above Stick in third tied with 46.

Final Category – War History

We felt confident to wager on this – at our table we had Joel (whom is a veteran), Brad – who is the son of a Navy man, and Mike, who is the son of a retired U.S. Army veteran. And…me, who has some family members who served in the military!

Richard E. Cole, who passed away in 2019, was the last surviving veteran to have taken part in a military action on April 18, 1942 that is named for what general? Cole served as a co-pilot alongside this general, who was the leader of the mission.

Joel was all over this instantly, and Brad backed him up. Good thing – neither Mike nor I had ever heard of this guy…

Final scores – Stop the Bus, 49; ‘Pods, 70.

Game Two

1. Books By Politicians – What politician wrote the 1962 book Six Crises which he credited with improving his public image? 3

2. Language – After Italy, what is the most populous country that uses Italian as an official language? A bit of discussion, but got for 9.

3. Reality TV – Maddie and MacKenzie Ziegler were among the performers whose mothers were featured on what reality series that debuted in 2011? We put Teen Mom as our guess, which was “kind of” close, but no cigar…

4. Soccer – Of the three major soccer teams based in California, two are based in Los Angeles and the third plays in what other city? 10

5. Song Lyrics – In the opening lyrics of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, one food is being eaten – and other is being cooked – name one of those foods, 8. Speaking of margaritas, I just learned that La Senorita only has one remaining restaurant in Michigan! So many memories…happy hour at the Mount Pleasant “La’s” (free chips, salsa, bean, cheese dip) and one of my first dates was at the Flint La Senorita in the early 1990s (that restaurant on Pierson Road closed quite a long time ago). Jesus you can’t drive two feet without seeing a Taco Bell, but…no more La Senorita? Except in Gaylord? Pardon me while I shed a tear in my margarita!

6. Magazines – Although now based in Washington, D.C., The Atlantic magazine was based in what city from its founding in 1857 to 2005? Miss for 2.

7. Mountains – At more than 19,000 feet high, what is the highest mountain on Earth that isn’t part of a mountain range? 7

8. ’90s Movies – In a 1992 sports comedy film, Rose Perez plays a character whose goal is to appear on what game show- which she ultimately achieves? For a bonus point, what is her character’s first name in the movie? This was the Facebook clue, but our bad for not taking time to watch the movie – or even lazier, at least read the synopsis. Missed this for 1.

9. Abbreviations – Similar to UFO, a USO is an unidentified object found where? 6

10. Games – On a standard dart board, how  many spaces score more points than a bullseye? 5

Visual Mystery –


Missed them all…

Scores – Seven teams, scores 34 to 49 with Stop the Bus and Styx is a Hades Hair Band tied in first with 49. We were tied for second with 48 with Jagged Little Pill Poppers (love some of these names)!

Final Category – Movie Characters

Including live-action and voice roles, actor Hugo Weaving has performed five different characters in films that have grossed over $100 million at the U.S. box office. Name two of those five characters.

Missing all eight points in the mystery round doomed us…even had we wagered 20 we would not have landed in the “prize” zone. We were just outside looking in (woe is us lol)!

Game winners – Styx, Stop the Bus (they had to settle a tiebreaker, unsure who won the tiebreaker).

A “special” trivia engagement is planned tonight! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Richard Nixon!


One thought on “Trivia Recap – July 23, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

  1. 1. moulin rouge

    2. china

    3. denver

    4. silver star

    5. matt stonie

    6. LL Cool J

    7 Til Death, the Millers, Curb your Enthusiasm

    8. patriot’s day

    9. hearing impaired

    10. typecast

    mystery – discovery channel

    final answer – Doolittle raid

    game two

    1. Richard Nixon

    2. switzerland

    3. dance moms

    4. san jose

    5. sponge cake, shrimp

    6. boston

    7. kilimanjaro

    8. jeopary, gloria

    9. submerged

    10. 4

    mystery – one republic, lil nas X, allesia cara, newfound glory

    final answers elrond, agent smith, noah, red skull, megatron

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