But…I Just Want To Bag My Own Groceries!

There’s a story getting shared around social media about Kroger making a move to eliminate disposable plastic grocery bags by 2025. This should make the sea turtles very, very happy…


Less plastic floating around in oceans is good for the sea turtles, isn’t it?

The inner “hippie” in me says yay – this is a great thing to do for Mother Earth! What does this mean? Fewer things for adorable sea turtles to choke on (unless they’re into that kinky stuff and if so, more power to ’em), fewer things flying around and being beautiful for that weird guy in American Beauty, and fewer things that a baby could accidentally smother themselves with. What’s not to like about this?


My inner pragmatist (and the part of me that used to work as a grocery bagger) has a few questions… Kroger is one of my LEAST favorite places to shop, mainly because of its bagging policies. Maybe the Kroger we frequent just has baggers that are, well, lacking in the smarts department (go figure). But it seems that not only do they NEVER make proper use of the disposable plastic bags – placing too few items in each one –  but when you give them your own reusable bags, they will give you a quizzical look – and proceed to NOT utilize those properly, either! Then I end up having to re-bag them myself – what’s the point of me doing more work?

Honestly, I’d love to just bag my own. But Kroger almost prohibits this. Try bagging your own at the self-checkout and the system that weighs your stuff gets all confused. Then the other customers give you that “look” of the person who doesn’t know how to use a self-checkout (the horror)!  So you’re best off using their own disposable bags at the self-checkouts, right? At least you get to pack those yourself!

And, there’s no polite way to ask a bagger to step aside so that you can just do it yourself. I have enough issues with skirting the boundaries of politeness as it is! Path of least resistance? Just let the baggers pretend they’re doing a great job? Oy…

Really, I’m not THAT picky! You put produce together, put “crushable” items together (breads, chips) put all refrigerated/frozen items together (this way you can put those away first when you get home), isolate the non-food stuff (soaps, batteries, paper products, etc.). Distribute the weight, yada yada.


My parents’ cat Stampy in one of his favorite places – a paper grocery bag!

That’s why I love shopping at Aldi. You not only *get* to bag your own groceries, you pretty much have to – and bring your own bags (unless you use the empty boxes they provide). We only do Aldi runs every month and a half or so (though that could change when the new Aldi opens close to us).

Yes, Kroger is making a good move. And they have six years to make sure they start training their baggers to improperly bag things in other people’s bags! Would it be too much to ask to keep an aisle or two open for customers who WANT to bag their own stuff but don’t want to stay “Step aside bagger, I’ve got this? #youmaysaythatimadreamerbutimnottheonlyone 🙂

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